Sourcebits' Spoonjuice launches Twine, an app that tries to flip the flirting and dating concept

Sourcebits' Spoonjuice launches Twine, an app that tries to flip the flirting and dating concept

Thursday August 01, 2013,

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Spoonjuice is a product wing of Sourcebits (one of the most successful software development company from India) that creates premium applications. The Sequoia Capital funded company has today launched Twine, a flirting app on the mobile that aims to change the dating space.


Twine as an app will try to match interesting strangers around each other anonymously using three distinct mechanisms:

1) Spam free: By keeping a balanced number of males and females in the app with a specialized queue, there’s always a 1:1 ratio of guys to girls.

2) Twine uses an algorithm based on a persons interests and proximity to other users to create the compatible local connections.

3) Users are immediately connected via a chat interface with their photos blurred. Only when both users feel comfortable with each other, they can click “Reveal Now”, and their photos and names are revealed. This allows users to focus on connecting first rather than superficially basing their decision to engage on a profile photo. Flirt first, reveal later.

Rohit Singal, the CEO of Sourcebits says,

Twine flips everything you know about casual dating and flirting apps on its head. You start anonymous, flirt with connections, and only when you feel comfortable do you reveal. You connect based on who you are rather than just superficially based on what you look like. We also built features that are meant to surprise and delight, such as real AI that helps kick-start the conversation or a “juice bar” that encourages you to get to know your matches better.

There have been many efforts in the dating area globally as well as in India (Two mangoes, Floh and more) but this is the first time someone has taken a mobile first approach and coming from Sourcebits, the expectations from the app are high. The app will certainly get a testing ground in the developed markets but for a country like India, some unique promotion and marketing will be required to reach a critical mass of audience.

Standing true to the core value of Sourcebits, Twine is a very well designed app and it has some patent pending features up its sleeve. One which will get noticed (and also has other use cases) is the “I.C.E.” - Intelligent Conversation Enhancer. This feature parses the user and his or hers Twine match’s mutual interests and generates unique questions to help the conversation flow.

Have a look at the website here and the app can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

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