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Presenting TechSparks 2013 TECH30 startups!

Presenting TechSparks 2013 TECH30 startups!

Saturday October 05, 2013 , 11 min Read

Coming down to 30 companies from 800 top quality applications is a difficult task. The Indian entrepreneurs brought it to us with this year's TechSparks probables, and it took us every waking hour since we started taking in applications, to come down to this final list of 30 companies. This is an amazing list of companies, and for the first time in the history of Tech30, we also have a woman entrepreneur.

Here's a list 30 of the brightest, and most promising companies from India, whom we're featuring for Tech30 this year -


2mpower Health Management Services Pvt Ltd

2mpower Health Management Services' GetActive, is born after three years of intensive research from people with more than 300 man years of experience in wellness, disease management, information technology, motion sensor applications and behavior psychology. GetActive plans to address 60% of total death toll worldwide today, caused by lifestyle related health conditions. That's 38 million lives, which are lost every year due to insufficient physical activity.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is the first all-in-one marketing and sales software for small businesses. It helps small business market & sell like Fortune 500 companies with contact management, marketing automation, web analytics, social suite, telephony, 2-way emails, real time activity alerts and much more.


 Airwoot is a New Delhi based social media listening and analytics startup that helps businesses to engage with their customers on social media and provide real-time customer support. For the novice, Airwoot is for brands who’re having a tough time listening to what users are throwing at them on social media. There are appreciations, complains, rants, SOS calls by thousands of social media citizens. Manual sieving is not possible and this is where Airwoot intends to help by providing the brand with support so that it can prioritize and take the necessary action in real time.

Avengersoft Solutions P Ltd

Avengersoft is a technology and IT enterprise headquartered India. Avengersoft applications are providing organization with the strategic insight, ability to integrate multiple activities of the office, increased efficiency and flexibility.The objective that the softwares are trying to create is to make a paperless office with seamless integration of all functions to bring more transparency and faster information flow hence make the decision making process faster.

BrioTribes Technologies

BrioTribes Technologies developa a Saas framework for ISVs that help them Saas enable their current product offerings, by providing addressing their Saas concerns out of the box. It's called SMART and its stereotyping capabilities allows SMART to enable a rich feature list for products with no vendor lock-in. The developers code only the required business functions.

CentraLogic Consultancy (Huhoka)

CentraLogic is a young and dynamic IT Services company with the core objective of delivering value to its customers. Their solutions and services are focused on providing a range of products and services across verticals and using latest technologies. Their product Huhoka, is an AI based comprehensive Contacts Management solution, which helps businesses tap potential leads from existing contact base.

Cloudion Technology (Dotmach)

Dotmach brings your team, content, tasks and strategies together to a single place, where you can transform your work culture and achieve remarkable results. Stay connected to your team and organize workflow at one place to enhance your productivity by collaborating the resources. It offers a virtual discussion platform across the organisation in order to facilitate real time communication. We let all your team interact in real time for sharing knowledge and contents.


CloudMunch is democratizing DevOps by providing a powerful, extensible, full stack platform to make continuous delivery of applications & infrastructure, fast & easy. Their service lets software teams spend 100% of their time focused on their application code and not managing dev/test environments, CI servers, Deployment, ongoing operations or trying to stitch together various tools for better quality & faster release cycles. Focus on Code. CloudMunch the rest.


Collaborate Cloud is a collaboration platform that focuses on communication, collaboration, productivity and workflow automation. It allows an organization to have all their employees, departments and business functions on to one single common platform facilitating communication & collaboration. The platform allows employees to interact in real time, conduct virtual meetings, collaborate on files, delegate tasks, manage events, track due dates and manage all their business functions by collaborating on relevant apps picked up from the cloud app store or built using the app builder. Teams can setup workrooms and workflows to automate any internal process and can work the way the want.

Cooolio Online Pvt. Ltd.

Cooolio is an online portfolio company based in India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore. Cooolio innovates, conceptualizes and develops new age web and mobile based technology applications. Revolutionary products are built with an aim to take the web and mobile experience to new dimensions with a motto of being amazingly simple yet highly functional.

Crayon Data

Crayon data is focused on simplifying big data by providing clarity and simplicity in choice. Crayon data believes that existing providers and technology approaches are vested in complexity.The technology is simple. No black box, no complex proprietary stuff…. The WhiteBox platform they are building is a simple approach that tries to use the straightest route from data to results, from noise to signal. They work with the latest and greatest in open source technologies and are building cool algorithms, in some cases with some really great external collaborators.


DeltaX offers digital media solutions for advertisers and their agencies to efficiently buy, track, attribute, optimize and report media across search, social media, display RTB, Mobile, Video and other media channels. The company aims to give it's customers "unprecedented ROI & Scale" through Real-time optimization of Search, Social & Display campaigns. Recently, DeltaX was named in the “Top 10 innovative digital startups to watch” at the Havas Demo Day hosted by They were also a YourStory CitySparks from TechSparks Chennai.

Exploita Traveltech Pvt. Ltd.

Exploita is a global marketplace for adventure, wildlife & off beat tours. Since such travel is mostly dependent on local know-how and hobbyists dominate this industry, they decided to bring everyone together to a common place, making it easy for adventure freaks to find their next adventure, while helping the adventure companies reach out to a wider audience.

Eye and Buy Retail Pvt Ltd

Eye & Buy is an e-commerce solution provider offering easy, cost-effective solutions. Using their single-interface multi-purpose' system, you can now have a complete control on the way you transact online. Whether it is inventory management or order procurement, the power to seamlessly integrate various channels on which you sell will only prove beneficial for your business.

Flutura Decision Sciences & Analytics

Flutura allows enterprise expertise to be fully maximized, no matter what domain they are in. Flutura Decision Sciences and Analytics is a boutique decision sciences and analytics company that specializes in Machine and Human generated Big Data, with a deep focus in the Telecom, Healthcare, Utility and Digital industries. They aim to mould technology to fit your business needs by gracefully ingesting monstrous amounts of data, distilling key patterns, and providing actionable outputs. In their own words, "We frame unanswered questions."

Gesture Research

Gesture Research keeps tab on assisting innovation savvy organizations to construct new and exciting encounters leveraging Microsoft's Kinect for Business and Hi-Tech Innovations. They work together with our clients around the globe to influence the Natural User Interface - Kinect Experience as an essential component of their Business and Consumer Applications.

GoToPal Internet Pvt Ltd

Gotopal is an exclusive, round the clock, free of cost virtual personal assistant provided for you to manage your digital life. It starts with waking you up, understanding your personal calendar, responding to your phone calls, taking appointments from callers and automatically blocking your free slots, prompting reminders over notification / SMS / call, maintaining your shopping list, hunting wishlist deals, answering knowledge questions and even in wishing your friends & family on your behalf. The way everything is carried out by Gotopal deserves it to be termed as a “Personal Assistant”.


GumptionLabs is started by highly experienced software professionals with an excellent track record of building robust, scalable Web and Enterprise applications across different domains. They have products like Traders Cockpit is a proficient equity market screener and an impressive analysis tool that helps a retailer, analyst and a trader in making informed trading decisions.


Madstreetden are here to make machines more useful by making them a bit more human: fun, intelligent and relevant. They will sense as babies, observe and play as youngsters, learn and change with you as they grow older. Mad Street Den will deliver three categories of experiences for people around the world through it's products. They will deliver fun & play, usefulness & convenience, and will be helpful & revealing. Someday in the near future, they hope to bring everyday objects to life, not just the devices we use today.

Kallows Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.

Kallows was founded in Goa, India in 2007. The founders of the company, Gajanan Nagarsekar and Kevin Kreger, started the company as a vehicle to teach students in Goa and to establish local expertise in embedded programming and mobile applications development. Thecompany has provided free educational services and technical presentations for Padre Conceicao College of Engineering (PCCE), Goa University, Rayeshwar Institute Of Engineering & Information Technology, and D-Link.

kPoint Technologies

kPoint is a B2B solution in India with clients in the technical and manufacturing domain (e.g. Cognizant in tech and Kirloskar in manufacturing). The product is targeted towards companies that offer training to their employees and the clear mandate was to improve the internal know how within a company.  kPoint’s product has multiple features and some that can be easily understood includes the ability to search for things within a video by keywords (one can directly jump to the part they want to watch), recording tutorials and such and keep it online for others to watch, simplyfing informal knowledge sharing.

LoudCell Technologies Pvt Ltd

LoudCell's vision is to save diesel cost and reduce wastage/inefficiency for DG owners in India and other emerging economies. They are a startup with offices in California, Gurgaon and China. We are developing innovative and highly sophisticated technology to address the problems of fuel and energy wastage. LoudCell offerings are based on our core technology platform that delivers the most widely needed features for fuel and energy management at extremely low costs, and is designed to be tamper-proof.

Mango Man Consumer Electronics Pvt Ltd

Mango Man Consumer Electronics is run by a bunch of young engineers who have worked in best technology startups (Zynga,Capillary etc) and have built variety of products, from games to big data analytics products. They believe that we are building a global product which can disrupt the way people consume content in their homes. We are in process of building a new kind of an entertainment device for TV.

Mindarray systems pvt ltd

Mindarray are determined to create technologies that facilitate you to regain business agility. They claim to make world's best monitoring product- IT Performance Manager. They're based out of India and their solution aims to unify security, compliance and performance management activities, to creat an all in one solution to monitor, manage and automate business processes.


Spatial Ideas is dedicated towards building Solutions which help better manage businesses' resources and greatly improve our ability to take well informed decisions. They strive to ensure success of our clients. They claim to be on the forefronts of the SoLoMo (Social, Location & Mobile) revolution and offer services in the space of social media engagement & analytics; and enterprise resource management and solutions.


Pervazive’s products monitor, analyze, and (quite ingenuously) automatically repair not only telecom devices, but virtually any device with a digital heartbeat. Their products have been field-tested successfully across diverse systems, device landscapes, and geographical locations, positioning the company as a reputable innovator with one-of-a-kind market-disruption capabilities.

Retigence Software LLP

Retigence Software's Retail Decision Support System, RDSS provides powerful, easy-to-use ordering, reporting and analysis solution. It provides flexible sales, inventory and purchasing analysis allowing retailers to easy measure performance indicator such as sales, purchase, inventory turn, gross margin at store, vendor level. It can be used on standalone basis to inprove that availability of information to you to make more informed and better decision daily. It generates time order for vendors on demand.

Sollet Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd

Sollet has industry experts building an enviable record of implementing highly innovative and leading edge solutions for large as well as small enterprises and government as well as private sector organizations. Sollet has wider industry exposure in the Banking, Telecom, Insurance, IT sectors that can bring in paradigm shift the way the world can become better. Sollet provides a comprehensive range of products and services for Payment industry as the primary focus area.

Stelae Technologies

Stelae Technologies is a software vendor providing an automated conversion solution for multiple categories of content. Their product Khemeia™ is a cloud-based technology which transforms unstructured information into structured enriched content ready for indexing. This enables its users to provide their users with an enhanced search experience and re-utilize their content for different output types including web, print and hand-held devices.


Mobilistic Innovative Business Solutions Private Limited (MIBS), is focused on providing global solutions in the area of Supply Chain management and Mobility Networks. The company was incorporated in early 2010 and is headquartered in Bangalore, India. MIBS is spearheaded by a team with over 60 years of combined experience in technology and international freight forwarding and logistics.