Indigo, Flipkart biggest winners on Twitter at Google’s GOSF 2013

Indigo, Flipkart biggest winners on Twitter at Google’s GOSF 2013

Wednesday December 18, 2013,

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The Great Online Shopping Festival is an initiative by Google to promote online shopping in India. The campaign began last year and it went out so well that Google extended the window to make it a 3 day event this time around. The first day of the campaign was a complete dampener as the GOSF site was down for most of the day owing to which the festival was extended to transform into a 4 day gig. Google faced the brunt of many disgruntled internet enthusiasts as such a traumatic experience was the last thing one would expect from Google. The 'F' in GOSF quickly became failure and expectations had gone down. Riding these rough tides on day one, the campaign caught momentum and eventually gave some respectable results.

Talking about Twitter, startup Airwoot has come out with a report which says Indigo was the most customer centric brand with the fastest response time of 25 minutes on average and the highest reach with 1.7 million. Flipkart won the battle in terms of engagements with 13,750 mentions (with the second highest reach of 1.2 million),



Apart from Twitter, the other big highlight was that Tata Housing was able to sell 50 houses online in 4 days. Trak collected some of the highs in their blogpost that involves: 25% jump in overall tickets and hotel booking for Yatra, 10xmore sales for Snapdeal, 5x more sales for Amazone, etc.


All in all, it was a good show at the end of it but a lot remains to be done to make it better. Pravin Jadhav, co-founder at Wishberg wrote a post on some of the things that need to be fixed and most of them ride home a point. To cut the long story short- there were too many participating sites, the deals weren't good enough and too many technical glitches.

India has hit 200 million internet users (majority on mobile) and although online buyers are only a fraction of this, this number will only climb in the coming years. Pitching the GOSF numbers with those of the Cyber Monday in USA (December 2, 2013), one gets idea of the scale.

Check out this infographic:

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