Urbanrestro will help you pick the right banquet hall

Urbanrestro will help you pick the right banquet hall

Wednesday December 18, 2013,

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Shriti Chhajed - Founder Urba
Shriti Chhajed - Founder, Urbanrestro

There are a lot of startups offering restaurant booking and reservation services, but most often when we need to conduct an event, we find ourselves overwhelmed with a sea of options to choose from. In such a situation the most common option is to search for the phone numbers online, call each banquet, check availability, visit, get quotation and then negotiate to get the best price.

UrbanRestro sensed an opportunity here and is offering services which can save you all the troubles above. Besides providing booking and reservations for eating out, UrbanRestro specializes in banquet hall booking services. The reason it stands out from its competitors is that it also acts as a listing for current events going on in the city.

Shriti Chhajed, who founded UrbanRestro last year, is an electronics engineer and has worked with Tech Mahindra. In her job, she was more interested in extracurricular activities which related to organizing events and team building activities rather than coding. Finally, she quit to start a theme-based restaurant but decided to do an MBA instead. Post her MBA she worked in HCL for two-and-a-half years and finally started UrbanRestro in Dec 2012.

With a presence in Mumbai, Ahmadabad and Pune, UrbanRestro has over 150 banquets and over 200 restaurants on its site. The best part of the website is that one can compare the banquet halls of different restaurants on various parameters, including capacity, starting price of food, parking, location and many more thus providing the best option for you to conduct your event.

Comparing venues with Urbanrestro
Comparing venues with Urbanrestro (click to enlarge)

Like most entrepreneurs, Shriti says the biggest roadblock was to get out of the security net of a monthly salary and to convince her family. Finally, she managed to do both and has been going strong since then.

UrbanRestro has grown to a 13-people strong team since they started last year. At present, they get around 50,000 hits per month, with about 700 readers on their daily blog.

There are other competitors such as MeraVenue and VenuePandit in the field, but none of them have been as extensive to capitalize on reservations, venues and events together.

The key lessons which Shriti shares from her journey are:

  1. Hiring should be done with proper background check and commitment to stay for long
  2. In the fast journey do not forget to cheer loud on achievements
  3. Get regular inputs from someone who is from that industry but not part of your team

Visit Urbanrestro here.

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