Gen Next tool: memorise for exams with CramBuddy

Gen Next tool: memorise for exams with CramBuddy

Thursday January 16, 2014,

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When it comes to memorising new concepts, using flashcards is not entirely new. MobiTatva has decided to go a step further and brought the same concept to smartphones for Gen Next with their app called CramBuddy.“I noticed that today students memorize for tests and exams using highlighter pens to mark the important portions. That’s when I realised I had a solution to a larger problem,” says Chirag Patel, founder of MobiTatva, who has been involved with product-based solutions for over 19 years.

About the product

CramBuddy is an educational app which helps students remember concepts using flashcards. The main part of the app is the cram section where you can select the desired subject and then access the packs (concept) related to that subject. Each pack consists of a number of flashcards related to that concept.

An interesting feature of the app is "Shouts". You can broadcast a question to other users and see who can answer it in the shortest time, thus adding a touch of gaming experience. After completing a pack you can also take the quiz on the same subject and send Shouts to other users.

Pros and cons

The app has an easily navigable and intuitive UX which makes sure that the user does not have to "Search" for anything. The biggest advantage which will keep users glued to the app is the gamification and engagement with peer group.


One of the drawbacks of the app is that it fills your personal profile randomly in case you do not fill it. When I checked the ‘me’ section, I saw my following details filled as...Gender : "Female",

Date of birth : "30/12/1899"

Standard : "Other"

Board : "CBSE"

Keeping these fields empty and prompting users to fill them would have been a better option. Moreover, there seems to be no point in asking for residential details in the app. If a location is required GPS should do. The attention span of teens is very short and typing so many details on a small screen is equally painful.

CramBuddy has over 15,000 downloads on the play store and the average time spent on the app is close to 30 minutes which is really significant. The numbers prove that the app has a good potential to become popular among students.

Click here to download the app.