Exercise power, girls: how a date with the gym will work wonders for you

Exercise power, girls: how a date with the gym will work wonders for you

Friday January 10, 2014,

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Women know that they need to exercise regularly but they do not have the time. Balancing a career and family makes their own needs take a back seat. Or they simply do not prioritize their time.

Why is fitness essential, particularly to women? It is true that we are the weaker sex- weaker physically. This is because men are biologically endowed with much more muscle power while women are endowed with additional fat in order to bear children. As we age, our muscles decrease in mass by close to 2.5% every decade. This starts from the age of 20. Hence, if we do not take care of ourselves through physical activity and good nutrition, we tend to become lethargic, weak and unfit.

Here are some good reasons to exercise

1) To increase your basal Metabolic rate. This helps in fighting fat

2) To have a shapely slimmer appearance

3) To overcome stress and depression

4) Fight Osteoporosis/ Diabetes/ Hyper Tension

5) Improve pelvic health , thereby having healthier pregnancies

6) Overcoming painful periods and menopause

7) Exercise gives you a glowing skin

8) It gives you better posture and self confidence

9) Improves muscle and body balance

10) Makes your heart optimally fit

During subsequent weeks, I will be touching upon each of these topics to help you understand the importance of fitness. You can exercise at home or at a gym. All you need is your own body weight as resistance to perform some of the most beneficial workouts. So, what are you waiting for? Start your fitness regime today and feel the difference it can make to your life.

Chandra Gopalan, Director, Contours India & HerStory Fitness Expert 

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