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Facebook confirms acquisition of Indian startup Little Eye Labs

Facebook confirms acquisition of Indian startup Little Eye Labs

Wednesday January 08, 2014 , 3 min Read


Today, Facebook officially confirmed the acquisition of their first Indian startup Little Eye Labs. With this acquisition, Little Eye Labs will join forces with Facebook to take its mobile development to the next level.Little Eye Labs was founded about a year ago by a bunch of program analysis geeks who wanted to build better tools for Mobile developers and were later backed by GSF and VenturEast Tenet Fund. The official version of Little Eye for Android was released in early April of last year, and since then they have had many Android developers and testers using Little Eye Labs to measure, analyze, and optimize their app's performance. The entire Little Eye Labs team will move to Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California. From there, they'll be able to leverage Facebook’s world-class infrastructure and help improve performance of their already awesome apps.

Speaking on the acquisition, Kumar Rangarajan, Co-founder & Chief ion - Little Eye Labs said - "We’re thankful for the opportunity we’ve had to make an impact in the development of some of the best apps out there. For us, this is an opportunity to make an impact on the more than 1 billion people who use Facebook. Of course, we want to make sure we treat our customers well even as we make this transition. Current customers of Little Eye will receive further information on plans to offer a free version of Little Eye until June 30, 2014. More information can be found on the Downloads page. This has been a fun and exciting journey. We're eager to be working alongside the incredible team at Facebook, and together, we'll continue on our mission of building awesome analysis tools to aide in the development of brilliant apps.

Confirming the acquisition Subbu Subramanian, Facebook Engineering Manager shared - "I’m excited to announce that we’re acquiring Little Eye Labs, a company that produces world-class technology to help developers build more efficient products with Android. This is an opportunity to welcome some of the industry’s most talented engineers to our team in Menlo Park, California. At Facebook, we remain focused on producing useful and engaging mobile apps. The Little Eye Labs technology will help us to continue improving our Android codebase to make more efficient, higher-performing apps."

Kumar further said, - "As a team, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our wonderful customers for their support, our investors for believing in us (Sateesh Andra from VenturEastRajesh Sawhney and all the GSF super angels), our advisors for guiding us (thanks Jaideep MirchandaniBrij Bhasin and all the GSF mentors), YourStory for our first break (thanks Shradha), the awesome BlrDroid community and its organizers (thanks Amrit SanjeevSoham MondalBadrinath Kulkarni,Pranay Airan & Aravind Krishnaswamy), the helpful folks at Droidcon (Zainab & Kiran), the extremely supportive Londroid organizers (Carl-Gustaf Harroch & Kevin McDonagh), the folks @ Google for giving us our big break with Google I/O and our many many well-wishers and friends. Last, but not the least, all our families for trusting our crazy enterprise and for supporting us. Each and every one of you has made us what we are today and we are ever grateful for it."

This is a big step for the Indian product startup eco-system and we hope this year we'll see many more such milestones being achieved. Here's the Little Eye Labs team who're now part of Facebook.