App and the city: find your way around the big, bad streets of metros

App and the city: find your way around the big, bad streets of metros

Monday February 03, 2014,

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Ever found yourself at a loss in a new city? And if the place happens to be one of the metros then God help you - or maybe an app!I was recently travelling to Mumbai and was amazed by the fast pace of the city and wanted to be a part of it. Mumbai’s lifeline - its local trains - can be a big challenge to a newcomer like me, especially the east and west confusion. I asked a lot of Mumbaikars what I should do. Thankfully, they suggested a couple of apps that I could download to guide me across the mean streets of the big city.

The app I downloaded is called m-Indicator. It has ‘a’ to ‘z’ information about the local trains and information about buses, fare of auto rickshaws and taxis etc.

m-Indicator shows rail alerts, rail maps and railway information. The additional features include bus services, auto and taxi fare calculators. The application lets you choose two initial starting points and two destinations and provides names of stations on the western, central, harbor, Thane-Vashi railway lines. It is a very handy application and smooth to use. Though the ads are a bit annoying, but the fact is this is one mobile application which almost every Mumbaikar has and will recommend you have one too. So, next time if you plan on being in Mumbai and would like to get a taste of the ‘Mumbai local’ experience then we suggest you download this app too.

kolkata taxi fare

Kolkata, a city in perpetual chaos, is rather difficult to negotiate unless you do not mind jostling in over-crowded buses or pothole-riddled roads. But the best way to get across the city is its yellow and black Ambassador taxis. It is easily affordable and convenient. But just in case you feel the cab driver is cheating you, you can use Kolkata Taxi Fare Calculator. The application lets you enter the taxi number and the meter reading which will help you calculate the fare you should pay. Additionally, it has a fare chart and also uses the help of Google Maps to predict fares. The application is seamless and easy to use.


Saade Dilli has a new acquisition to boast of – the Metro Rail. Adding to the joy, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has an application which gives information about its services. The DMRC mobile application greets you with a smiling face of a lady welcoming you, and that is something which gives the mobile app an Indian touch. The app is a comprehensive list of metro timings and guides you to travel from one station to another, also supplying maps, train timings and lots of other useful information. This is surely one comprehensive app you ought to use in Delhi.If you plan to use other modes of transport you may also use this mobile application which can guide you through Delhi. Though the app doesn’t have much of a visual appeal it has details about bus services and bus stops. There is a search feature too but it is difficult to locate it if you are a first time user. It also has popular taxi service numbers available at the press of a button. The auto rickshaw fare calculator was not much of a help because the “autowallas” in Delhi charge for the number of bags you carry too.

If you are in Chennai for the first time it is better you do not argue with the auto rickshaw drivers unless you speak Tamil. Attempts are being made to regulate auto rickshaw fares so till such time, it would do you well to take the bus. The lifeline of Chennai is its bus transport system, and you can always rely on it at night too, according to various suggestions by Chennaites.

The city of Nawabs, Hyderabad, has good connectivity via buses and autos. But being a true Hyderabadi, I would recommend you travel at least once to the old city to see the famous Charminar in an auto rickshaw and experience the true Hyderabadi flavor. Zipping through narrow lanes of the old city, the auto driver will keep you entertained with his Hyderabadi Urdu. You can always check this app by Skoogle which is a handy tool to have when visiting this city.

Every Bangalorean will agree with the fact that nothing can beat the city’s weather; its traffic is another matter altogether. I came to this city for my first internship and fell in love with it. Travelling in the new Metro Rail and arguing with auto drivers was fun! (Though I know many Bangaloreans will not agree with me about the latter part). The air-conditioned Volvo buses proved to be a comfortable ride. Another app for Bangalore by Skoogle is worth mentioning here.

Skoogle apps have amazing download numbers in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. It tells the user about bus details and gives you real-time data. And of course, there’s always the Google Map. Nothing can beat the amazing user experience and accuracy of information of these digital maps. Every city has its own lifeline, how you want to experience it is what makes a difference.

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