PhotoSparks: Innovation at Work in Communicasia 2014, Part II!

PhotoSparks: Innovation at Work in Communicasia 2014, Part II!

Friday June 20, 2014,

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In the previous post, we brought you some notable examples of product innovations from the annual Communicasia conference in Singapore. This edition showcases some more highlights from the halls of Communicasia, this time including Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless power solutions. Make YourStory’s PhotoSparks your regular source of photographs that celebrate creativity and innovation!


PackStory: The story of a package delivered through a mobile network

PackStory is a delivery blackbox system with wireless connectivity for fleet managers and transportation companies. The device, a little bigger than a matchbox, is placed within shipment boxes and its wireless sensors can detect and record changes in temperature as well as shocks if the box is dropped. The data can be transmitted to smartphones, so merchants can check the status of their shipments in realtime. PackStory is developed by a Korean company with the apt name IT Health.


Wirelesss power: towards the unplugged world

Wireless telecommunications has literally unleashed a wave of change via WiFi, mobile phones, and the like. What if power could also be beamed wirelessly? Well it can, as this wireless power solution from Lea Networks does, but within short ranges. We will still have to wait for it to become a truly low cost, efficient and reliable source of connective power.


Mobile operator in a box: wireless anywhere

This compact box is a full ‘operator in a box’ solution with mobile access to subscribers within a medium-range radius. It is perfect to use in rugged settings or in the aftermath of a natural disaster when existing telecom access has been knocked out. The network box by Star Solutions can also be used by the mining, oil and gas sectors in remote locations.


Ruckus Wireless: good products need good marketing

Ruckus Wireless offers wireless broadband access solutions via proprietary "Smart Wi-Fi" technology. Its adaptive antenna arrays and best path selection algorithms direct signals only where they are needed. Ruckus solutions are being used by operators, universities, hospitals and others enterprises. Their booth at Communicasia really stood out, however, for its clever use of stuffed toy dogs of all sizes placed in and around their booth, to signal a ‘ruckus!’ Good technology is fine, but great marketing will get you noticed!


Startup ecosystem support in Singapore

It would be fitting to end this photo showcase with a snap of the Singapore booth at Communicasia, which featured a wide range of startups, SMEs and incubator programmes. The poster in the photograph describes the amount of investment in Singapore startups, research labs for collaboration, accelerators for promising startups, and a quality accreditation programme so that startups can pitch to corporate customers. The government promotes its startup hubbing location in Southeast Asia, and this tiny city-state certainly punches above its weight when it comes to attracting startups.

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