What you don't know about women entrepreneurs in India

Chaitanya Ramalingegowda

Manu Shrivastava

What you don't know about women entrepreneurs in India

Monday June 23, 2014,

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For a very long time now, women have proven that they not only excel in each and every field, but they can do it better if not equally well as compared to men. So it is with entrepreneurship too. Women entrepreneurs are taking the plunge and starting up to follow their dreams and create lasting enterprises.

We have shared many such remarkable stories in the recent past – Chitra Gurnani of Thrillophilia , Arpita Ganesh of Buttercups, Richa Kar of Zivame and more recently, Neha Motwani of Fitternity in Mumbai. Even YourStory is a woman-led organization, so it is a cause dear to our heart.

In the recent past, the State Government is also coming up with Entrepreneurship Cells specially dedicated for women , private incubators are pitching in and top notch Business schools are launching programs for women entrepreneurs.

A few insights from our research into how women entrepreneurs are doing in India and the challenges they face. Here’s an interesting infographic.



  • 54% women entrepreneurs lack knowledge about what startup life entails
  • 25% women entrepreneurs feel that there is a need of more role models and mentors



  • 58% women entrepreneurs need good knowledge and resources about entrepreneurship
  • 54% women entrepreneurs wants more workshop and hands on experience on startups


Raising money as a woman entrepreneur

  • 63% women entrepreneurs have bootstrapped or self funded their venture

Sectors preferred by women entrepreneurs

  • 50% women entrepreneurs are in services sector which is followed by 29% women in E-Commerce.

When is it hardest to start up in a woman’s life?

  • 46% women entrepreneurs feel that starting up as a married woman with kids is the hardest
  • 42% women entrepreneurs feel that starting up is difficult at all the time

We truly believe that the world needs more women entrepreneurs . Are you a woman entrepreneur? Share your thoughts in the comments!