Event networking platform 10Times.com crosses 1 mn visits in 6 months

Event networking platform 10Times.com crosses 1 mn visits in 6 months

Wednesday July 30, 2014,

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10Times.com is an event based networking platform for event goers that has crossed 1 million visits in June, within 6 months of its incorporation. Launched on 26th Jan 2014, 10Times.com is a global platform for event goers to discover events and connect with people participating in or visiting a trade show or conference. The company has been founded by Ashwani Gaur and Mayank Chaudhary.

Team 10Times
Team 10Times

The Road to 10Times

Before starting 10Times, Ashwani founded PlayCez: A location based event discovery platform, which raised a seed round from GSF and few other angel investors. He has also worked with core team of Qontext: An enterprise collaboration platform, which was later acquired by Autodesk. Before starting PlayCez, he has worked with Deloitte as consultant serving fortune 500 clients. Ashwani is a graduate from IIT Kanpur. PlayCez had to be wound up but Ashwani found another gap in the events space.

Talking about the transition, Ashwani says, "Events has always been an area of interest for me from the time when I was running PlayCez to solve the discovery problem in b2c space. I think event networking is a huge opportunity while most of the big companies in this space are focusing on ticketing." He got together with Mayank Chaudhary (Product Head) who comes with 12 years of product development experience, building products in various domains, mainly travel. In order to crack the events space, the duo started with trade-shows and conferences since they are more structured and the problems are more defined compared to b2c space.

The Space and Product positioning

Over 300 million people visit exhibitions and conferences every year across the world with the key purpose of meeting exhibitors, speakers and fellow visitors in these events. 10times.com enables these event visitors to connect with people of their choice and schedule meetings prior to visiting the event. This helps them plan their visit better and spend their time in meeting and network with prospective clients and partners.


10times.com hosts 125,000+ events from 140+ countries and across industries. The users can connect with exhibitors, speakers and fellow visitors both through web, mobile site as well as mobile app. “Given the unbelievable response in the first six months, the entire team is geared to making 10times.com the largest & most impactful global platform for event based networking. We are pre-poning our plans to increase the team size and accelerate the product development roadmap," says Ashwani.

Ashwini believes the scale of data they are covering on the website coupled with data quality to be their biggest marketing hack. "As of ow we have more than 44,000 live events at our platform and we cover events from 140+ countries," he says. The events space has kicked off with ticketing sites like Explara and Meravenue doing well and Eventifier generating global traction. 10times is focusing on developing more networking features that'll help users connect while at an event and the vision of the company is to create the largest networking platform for event goers.

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