CanvasFlip helps you create HTML5 animations without writing a single line of code

CanvasFlip helps you create HTML5 animations without writing a single line of code

Wednesday August 13, 2014,

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What do you do when you want to create a HTML5 animation but don't know how to code? Either you go through a long cycle and learn how to code or you can use the easy way out by logging on to CanvasFlip and drawing your animations without writing a single line of code.

CanvasFlip was started by two friends, Vipul Mishra and Manish Jha, who had earlier co-founded Yougle.  Vipul is a graduate from Rajasthan Technical University and has over four years of experience in different verticals, including Business Analysis, Process Re-engineering and consulting. Manish Jha is an Engineer from RKGIT, Ghaziabad. He takes care of technology and operations at CanvasFlip.

CanvasFlip started as a personal tool but once the founders put it out for designers to get feedback it was very well received validating their idea in the market.


Vipul Mishra and Manish Jha, co founders - CanvasFlip
Vipul Mishra and Manish Jha, co founders - CanvasFlip

Talking about the problem, Vipul says, "The most prominent issue was to find a workforce with adequate programming skills, which could collaborate between domain guys, graphic designers and the programming team. Once the graphic elements were ready, the technical team had to do the redundant programming work to animate these elements."

How it works

Once the user logs in to the application, he is taken to the dashboard from where he can create new animations and manage his existing ones. The user can select the canvas size and get started with the application where they can customize it and add text and image, set actions to them and once you are done, you can export the entire animation in HTML or even embed it.

There is a very descriptive tutorial given on the site along with a video which describes the entire flow and makes it easy for anyone to create stunning HTML5 based animations. The best part about the application is that it works on mobile devices and low bandwidth connections as easily. This enables people to create animation on the fly without resources or any kind of plug in to be installed on the browser.

At present, CanvasFlip comes with a 30 day trial period post which users can go for a monthly/annual subscription. However, Vipul talks about a very interesting thing here, he says, "We don’t charge for a normal overage (usage after allowed limit) unless a consistent overage is observed."

So far, they have been going lean on marketing and have been extensively using startup platforms like NASSCOM 10K, Startup-Saturday, Hackathon, Tie Smashup, etc for spreading the word out about themselves. And it has reaped great rewards for them. Vipul says, "In the first month of our operation, we are serving leading IT/ITES companies, pharmaceutical companies and national banking and financial agencies. We are very proud of the fact that all of our clients are Fortune 500 of India."


1) Many people have great ideas; but commitment is what separates achievers from dreamers.

2) The only thing standing between you and your success is fear. Take calculated risks by always keeping your vision in mind.

3) Try to look at the value you are offering / going to offer. Excellence of your application is of no use unless it adds value to your client.

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