Become more productive with 'Smart To Do Lists' by Todoed

Become more productive with 'Smart To Do Lists' by Todoed

Wednesday August 13, 2014,

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'I love it when a plan comes together.'

-John ‘Hannibal’ Smith, The A Team

Any task undertaken will be successful more often than not only if a structured plan is in place and is followed through with precision. Managing time effectively is extremely important so that the task is accomplished within the required time frame.

Preparing an effective to-do list works for most people, but sometimes they get too involved and spend way too much time working on their to-do list rather than working on the actual task at hand. 'Todoed' has a product to help us with this very issue.

What is Todoed?

Todoed turns any text into a task with just one right click. The product (beta) is a chrome browser extension that acts as a pre-task list manager with the feature to also include collaboration with co-workers. The team knows how hard it is to manage a growing startup. Todoed was built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

How is it different?

The strength of this product is in its simplicity and novelty, that is hard to find now a days in productivity tools. Most of the other apps work on input basis, as in you have to physically type it up then submit it to save a task, whereas through the chrome web browser they are extracting the info and adding it to your / your co-workers task list just by highlighting and a right click. The difference here is that the flow is not broken while a user assigns a task to either himself or herself or to co-workers.

About Todoed

Todoed is a Preseed Web Lab project.


 Nishchal Kesarwani is the Founder of Preseed and has been working for the last 2 years.

You can read more about their diverse team members here: Our Team

Learnings so far

They had recently started gathering a huge knowledge base on Prelaunch Marketing. They found out that in its best case – pre-launch marketing precedes coding. Here is their source pool of knowledge on kippt that they like to open up to any tech startup to start learning from. Strong pre-launch marketing should ensure if the product is worth coding or not.

Their inspiration and drive arises from effective teamwork and light speed communication among team members.

Challenges and overcoming them

The team firmly believes that “if you are not making mistakes or being challenged at every corner, you are not doing anything or making any progress really. If you are not moving forward you are moving backwards.” Recently one of their hurdles was being able to manage communication in a remote setup.

Some of the team members are from Germany and most are from India -- the key to have a common belief resonating from within each team member. Initially this was exciting as well as intimidating -- now that they are all on the same page, they felt that they have a good year for Todoed.

The riskiest thing they have done so far: “We waited. Now no more. All sails ahead.”

Download their extension here and let us know what you think.