Creativity and entrepreneurship: 30 inspiring quotes on innovation

Creativity and entrepreneurship: 30 inspiring quotes on innovation

Friday October 17, 2014,

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My travels this week took me to the amazing six-day Creative Bangkok 2014 series of workshops, part of a creative activity held in Canada, Spain and Thailand. The participants included a broad mix of entrepreneurs, designers, consultants, educators, scholars, artistic directors, bankers, techies, authors, architects and other knowledge practitioners. Here is my pick of 30 inspiring quotes and practical tips on the power of ideas, creativity, design, innovation and entrepreneurship!


“Creativity = Differ + Deliver + Delight.” - Aaron Palileo, Bootleg Innovation Design

“Innovation = Inspiration + Perspiration + Perseverance.” - Juan Roman, NASA

“Platform thinking = Software design + Market design + Agility.” - Thierry Isckia, Telecom Business School

“Being imaginative is having ideas; being creative is converting ideas into production.” - Amornrat Pratoomma, P-PAC

“Creativity is the root of entrepreneurship.” - Karndee Leopairote, Thammasat University

“Creativity is not just a skill but an attitude – a rebellious desire to be different.” - Chaipranin Visudhipol, TBWA

“Ideas are at the core of the modern economy.” - Patrick Cohendet, Mosaic HEC Montreal

“The past and the future are shaped by us, keep yourself open for the power of possibility. - Duangrit Bunnag

“Be brave and be open to challenges.” - Justin Farren, Ubisoft

“Questions are both the most powerful and most under-utilised tools for creativity and intellectual activity.” - Peter Cauwelier, Bangkok University

“You contribute to the world by making meaningful things, not just new things.” - Cees DeBont, HongKong Polytechnic University

“Asia is the best place in the world to be for creativity.” - Fredrik Härén, Author, ‘The Idea Book’

“Food is about mood, not just nutrition or filling yourself up.” - Willy Daurade, Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School

“A good bartender even designs good bartops!” - Joseph Boroski, Sip Slowly

“If you are a knowledge holder, please become a knowledge giver.” - Francis Gosselin, F&Co.

“Culture is an outcome of the behaviourial interactions in your environment.” - Arthur Shelley, Author, ‘The Organizational Zoo’

“Managers need adaptability, curiosity, courage and transformational leadership to succeed in the global economy.” - Brigitte Carbonneau, Cirque du Soleil

“Companies need to connect their Operational Cycle to the Innovation Cycle.” – Vincent Ribiere, IKI-SEA, Bangkok

“We can’t operate in set conventions and expect breakthrough results” - Jean- Marie Dru

“Effective design is a combination of innovation, integrity, co-creation and hassle-free offerings for customers.” - Anuvat Chalermchai, COTTO

“Visualisation, testing and prototyping help transfer patterns across categories of domains.” - Eggarat Wongcharit, Craft Factor

“To measure success, look at metrics beyond just online traffic.” - Olivier Dombey, Digital Innovation Asia

“The designer is an organiser with an aesthetic sense.” - Bruno Munari

“Take No as a question.” - Mechai Viravaidya, Mechai Viravaidya Foundation

“Stories curate experiences.” - Keith Than, Creative Nexus Group

“Science is global, but solution is local.” – Ellen Kullman, Dupont

“Shift your frame of reference. Realise that all you see around you, ­the reality we perceive­, is a small stage upon which you act, and within it is an inner spaciousness that is infinite. Let’s now explore the infinite.” – Alex Bennet, Mountain Quest Institute

“We are not just in the creative economy, but in the re-creative economy. Are you a creator or a re-creator?” - Patrick Cohendet, Mosaic HEC Montreal

“Today is a new day. Today there are 150,000 more people in the world than yesterday.” – Somchai Laohverapanich, Dupont Thailand

“The primary characteristic of an entrepreneur of the future should be a deep sense of responsibility to humanity.” - Nadim Salhani, Mudman