Presenting the TechSparks of 2014- Showcase of the top 30 technology startups in India

Presenting the TechSparks of 2014- Showcase of the top 30 technology startups in India

Sunday October 19, 2014,

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It's here folks, the most awaited startup list in India - TechSparks of 2014. Brought to you by YourStory, the Tech30 companies are a group of companies selected from hundreds of applications sent in over a two month period. The companies showcased on the 18th October at the Leela Palace in front of a crowd of over 1000 people. Here is the list of all the companies that presented (the post will be updated over the next day with more company details):

ActMobile: ActMobile makes doing business on mobile devices fast, cost effective and reliable (despite wireless variability). The flagship product, DashNet is a mobile app and cloud service that delivers speed, savings and security for all mobile application data.


  • Partnerships, White labeling/OEM, Direct Enterprise customers
  • Expected revenue for this FY: USD $1 million
  • Consumer client apps, reaching million downloads

Read previous coverage (Colimetrics was from the same team and got acquired earlier this year)

Airloyal: Airloyal is trying to make a dent in the mobile advertising space. They try to capture the attention of the consumer by offering products or services free of charge and then monetize this attention through targeted advertising that delivers guaranteed measurable engagement for the clients.


  • In seven months, Airloyal has 1.2 million users in India (15-30 age group)
  • Their app Ladoo is seeing a download every 4 seconds
  • 100,000+ daily active users

BugClipper: BugClipper is an in-app bug reporting tool. It makes reporting bugs simple, smart and more efficient so that one can reduce mis communication and spend time on fixing issues.


Busigence: Busigence provides Business relationship intelligence solutions and has a product that allows one to run reports against repository metadata. These reports help the customer give insight into repository, which enhances the ability to analyze and manage repository efficiently.


  • Still early stage, Busigence is in talks with various online travel companies (make my trip, trip advisor), hotels, B&Bs, specialty lodging, vacation rentals, etc.

ChloroEarth: ChloroEarth manufactures building material and biological extracts for industrial applications.


  • ChloroEarth is a rather unique startup in the manufacturing space and has been working with various builders over the years.
  • They have also initiated developmental programmes to enhance socio-economic opportunities for marginal farmers

DF3D: Cloud based design factory for 3D printing. It offers platforms for designs and software in the area of 3d printing.

Very early stage yet, you can read more about DF3D in this coverage of ours.

flynx: Floating browser for Android that makes multitasking effortless while browsing web on mobile. (read more about them)


  • 35,000+ downloads in 4 months of launch
  • 68% weekly retention
  • 44,000 daily page views

Hipcask: Hipcask is a wine & spirits focused smart phone app and consumer platform to discover and learn more about wines & spirits.


  • Real world food and wine suggestions in 50+ restaurants in Mumbai. Delhi, Singapore and Dubai are up next.
  • Hipcask is chasing a $258 billion Asia Pacific alcoholic beverages market

iflychat: iflychat develops cloud based business software solutions specially for community websites in order to help their users connect with each other, increase user interactions and ultimately grow.


  • 6000+ enterprise customers including the likes of Stanford and Coca-Cola
  • Read their story

LivingTree: LivingTree is a hierarchical and contextual social network that emulates the natural organization that exists in a K-12 educational system and connects people who raise, develop, and educate children.


  • Company from India targeting Texas USA to begin with.
  • Has 800 school communities onboard, is targeting 10,000 by Q4 2015
  • Revenue model- Licensed at school district level per student per year

LogiNext: Helps logistics companies improve their internal operations and optimize delivery networks. (read about them)


  • 15% reduction in delivery time for each shipment
  • Live with the likes of Berger, FabFurnish and till have covered 2,000,000 km in real time visibility

Mocept: Mocept is a video dictionary and builds education videos for mobile and tablets.

Traction for their Illustrate video dictionary:

  • 20k words covered, 210k words viewed
  • 105k videos watched
  • Top 10 in references section in more than 10 countries

MoonFrogLabs: Moonfrog Labs builds cross-device, social casual games that are unique in terms of game mechanics and user delight. They are building international quality games for India which has more than 100 million smartphone users.


  • Early stage but their games have more than a million downloads in 3 months
  • Reached top 5 grossing on iOS and Android

Ogle: Ogle is in pursuit of making a proprietary online streaming media product.


  • Users are spending about 2 hours on weekdays and 3.75 hours on weekends on Ogle
  • 82% of the total base use Ogle daily

Outsy: Outsy is a discovery platform for local events. It is trying to solve for boredom by recommending experiences. Early in the evolution still, the Outsy app has more than 5,000 downloads on Android. They are focusing on Android, iOS and the mobile web.

Papertrell: Papertrell presents a new way of experiencing books and content. It has worked with publishers and authors to release over a 100 book apps for Apple iOS devices, Google Android devices, Microsoft Windows devices and for the web. (read their story)


  • 15 publishers – including HarperCollins and Hachette
  • 400+ published apps
  • Marquee brands and authors – Arthur C. Clark, Winston Churchill, Stephen Covey, Ella’s Kitchen, Mary Berry, Rolf Dobeli, Hamlyn
  • Apps featured by iTunes, Amazon, Windows and Google

Pickyourtrail: PickYourTrail is a trip planning startup that provides personalized vacations and holidays.


  • 175 customers from 10 countries in 300 days
  • The company is cashflow positive and is doing revenues of over a crore in 6 months (read more about them)

Plackal: Lovecycles, a mobile app that helps users track their menstrual cycles.


  • 8 million+ downloads from over 180 countries
  • 150,000 daily active users
  • Sustaining a team of 6 from the revenues

Relatas: Relatas is a Business Relationship Intelligence product which aims to enhance a users daily interactions, both personal and business. The company is in beta with 150 registered users at the moment.

Roomys: A consumer product that helps users find room mates for apartments (for short term or long term).


  • 2,000 users in 4 months since launch
  • 600 connections made so far

Sigmoid Analytics: Sigmoid is a big data company that provides real time streaming analytics for fraud detection, social media analytics, etc.


  • Bootstrapped, cash flow positive, 25 member team with enterprise clients like Guavus, Capillary, PubNub, etc.

Teritree: Cemantika makes it easy for the marketing department of an online business to personalize communication to their customers across multiple channels like email fb and SMS.


  • Cementika is being used by HolidayIQ, TrendIN, Bluestone, etc a the moment. For campaigns, these clients have seen 5x increase in open rates and click rates and campaign execution time has reduced from 4 weeks to 15 minutes.

Kryptos: Kryptos is a mobile app technology company which provides apps to schools and colleges along with a self-service mobile app creation platform.


  • 80+ clients with 700+ live app
  • 1.5 million students are being touched with the product

vidCampaign: A video email marketing platform for effective customer communication and sales enablement.


  • Average increase in click through rates of emails of more than 400%
  • 25+ customers across the globe including the likes of BJP, Ramada, WWF, etc.

WagMob: WagMob is an Indore (India) and USA based company building software and content for mobile first learning and training. It is both in the B2C and B2B space.

  • 400+ paid apps in the B2C training space
  • B2B mobile platform for sales training with Google as the marquee client

Yo!-app: Hyper local connector with people/business around.

  • Good early traction with 10,000+ users in Bangalore in 100 days but is currently seeing a drop.

The above 26 companies showcased at the event, here are the three that could not make it for the event but are a part of the T30:

iKaaz (converts any phone into an NFC mPOS), Stellapps (Startup into dairy technology), Coverfox (consumer product to help people with insurance) and Witworks (collaborative invention company).

All these companies are winner but for the spirit of the competition, the judge picked out three winners:

1) ChloroEarth

2) Airloyal

3) Sigmoid Analytics