An online portal dedicated to 'video job profiles' to save recruiters time

An online portal dedicated to 'video job profiles' to save recruiters time

Wednesday November 19, 2014,

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Pinhopes is a video job application portal which makes the recruitment process easier and time saving for both job seekers and recruiters. It allows job seekers to quickly record their video profiles and apply for a job. Pinhopes is a product of developed by Smartrplanet Services India Private Limited that was incorporated in January 2014 in Mysore city. It was started by Vinod Jayaraman (CTO) along with Satish Narahari Murthy (CEO) when they identified the challenges faced by recruiters, by conducting a survey of both job seekers and recruiters and decided to address the problem.

This concept seems to work effectively in few industries like IT, BPO, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Media and Retail where the roles are mostly sales or customer facing that has high emphasis on communication skills, personality and presentation skills.

Posting jobs to solicit using Video profiles:

It allows employers to post their job requirement and solicit video profiles from interested candidates. Registered candidates can quickly record their video profiles with a self-promoting video of about 3 to 5 minutes duration and apply for the job.

Screen Profiles:

Pinhopes has a built-in search engine that suggests the top best application based on certain parameters. This saves the recruiters’ time as they can effectively engage with the top 20 candidates sifting through all the applications.

Asynchronous Interview:

With Pinhopes, both job seekers and recruiters can avoid interview scheduling delays for preliminary rounds by administering asynchronous interviews. Here the recruiters post their job requirement on Pinhopes and after the initial screening of the applicants in the first round; they select a handful of candidates for the next round. At this stage, unlike the traditional interview process, the recruiters need not schedule an in-person interview meet with the applicant; instead they can do this at their own convenience using asynchronous interview. The recruiters’ post their questions on Pinhopes platform for selected applicants and applicants can respond back using the video profiling option.

“Since recruiters receive video profiles, they are able to tell whether a candidate is a good fit for the role early in the cycle and can avoid issues like personality vs. CV mismatch and eliminate rounds of telephonic interviews” says Vikram Murdeshwar, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing of Pinhopes. One can also seek additional information from the jobseekers in their areas of expertise before they decide to do an in-person interview thereby saving time. These interviews are typically about 5-10 minutes but this can be customized based on recruiters’ requirement.

Branding exercise for corporates:

Pinhopes allows employers showcase their brand to attract best candidates from the pool. Brands can share their corporate video, brochure, Slideshare presentations and links to their social media properties. “A lot of people are camera shy and hence reluctant to apply for jobs with a video. Adoption was a challenge so we decided to put a greater emphasis on guiding jobseekers on the benefits and the content of the video profiles. The fact that employers also prefer video profiles is a big plus and we have provided them an option to explicitly highlight this on their job cards” says Vikram.

Pinhopes has been gaining good traction and in a short span of 5 months, they have over 20,000 registered applicants and over 1,000 job listings with Flipkart, Happiest Minds, CCD and FirstSource as their key customers.

Website: Pinhopes