Backed by Flipkart CxOs, SpoonJoy aims to make healthy food affordable and a habit

Backed by Flipkart CxOs, SpoonJoy aims to make healthy food affordable and a habit

Monday December 29, 2014,

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The modern city life has left many with no time for exercise or eating healthy. With the new year around the corner, many might have these activities as their resolution but most of such resolutions fall apart by the time second week of January arrives. In this age of convenience, how about a service that delivers healthy food right to your office or home? And this is what Banglore based startup SpoonJoy aspires to do.


With the mission to make healthy food affordable and accessible to everyone, offers freshly cut fruits, sprouts, a combination of both, lunch, snacks on a weekly subscription basis for users. This takes out the hassle of figuring out where to get the next meal from on a daily basis and also placing repetitive orders every day. Spoonjoy delivers food to either office spaces or homes between 10am to 6pm in slots, depending on the users’ convenience.

SpoonJoy is founder Manish Jethani's second effort with startups. He had earlier started up with an idea on the lines of a B2B reverse auctioning called Vendors Scale but it did not take off. Post that, Manish realized that though there was a lot of competition in the food sector, there is enough room for everyone to prosper. Sarad Mohanan was the first employee at SpoonJoy who now leads the mobile team. Together, they figured out their product market fit in 3 months. Manish’s friends Sourabh Agarwal, Prateek Agrawal and Kanishk Tyagi, all BTech graduates from IIT Roorkee gradually quit their jobs and joined the startup full time.

The SpoonJoy team has solid work experience. Manish in his role as CEO, looks after product management, scaling operations and team building. He derives his experience and knowledge from his experience at earlier start ups such as,, and TransBit Technologies. He believes that technology should be used to solve real life problems. Sourabh, Manish’s ex-colleague at an earlier company, had worked in a number of startups, and implemented many projects from scratch. He last worked with Unbxd inc and also worked on building accounting and ERP platforms for Flipkart and Myntra. Prateek was on the directors merit list while completing his MBA from IIM Calcutta and went on to join Mckinsey & Co. as an associate while Kanishk has experience in the field of analytics, having helped companies optimize investments and plan their promotional activities.

Funding recently raised an undisclosed amount of angel funding from Sachin Bansal and Mekin Maheshwari the CoFounder’s and CPO’s respectively of, Abhishek Goyal Founder, Tracxn! and Sahil Barua Co-Founder, Delhivery. Most of these funds are being used to build tech and scale operations.

L to R: Kanishk, Manish, Sourabh and Prateek

How it Works?

Users need to sign up, provide their delivery details and other contact information, select the dishes of their choice and the time that they want it delivered.

Users also have the option of selecting what they ‘like’ or 'love' and get only those products delivered to them on rotation basis. For example, for the fruit box, users can select all or a few from the choices of apple, watermelon, muskmelon, papaya and get only those that they liked, delivered on rotation basis. The same applies for lunch and snacks as well.

They also have a gamification system in place where, if a current customer refers one of their friends to sign up for their service, they each get two boxes of cut fruits free of charge. These invites can be sent via email or shared through Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

Traction receives about 350-400 orders a day, almost 90% of which comes from offices and the remaining 10% from homes. Cut fruits, sprouts are the most popular item on their menu.

While the services for fruits and sprouts are currently available everywhere in Bangalore, lunch and snacks can be availed only in BTM, HSR and Koramangala, as of now. They recently launched a mobile app to make it easier for users to place and edit their orders on the go.

Future Plans

The team is looking to expand to all areas of Bangalore with lunch and snacks in about 8 weeks and reach out to a larger customer base.They also plan to roll out with the iOS version of their app in 3 months. Their future plans also include expanding to more cities.

SpoonJoy is now one of the frontrunners in the Uber for X category in India. Likes of Tapcibo, Yumist and Nutritown also fall in the same category of food delivery startups but all of them are still in very early stages. For the long term, SpoonJoy looks at themselves as more of a supply-chain management startup rather than a purely food startup, as their main goal is to use technology to optimise their backend and front end systems and deliver food to the consumers at the lowest possible cost.

Website : SpoonJoy, Android App