Inside the office of Simplilearn, the ed-tech company that just raised $15 million [Fabulous Workplaces]

Inside the office of Simplilearn, the ed-tech company that just raised $15 million [Fabulous Workplaces]

Friday April 24, 2015,

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Simplilearn is a Bengaluru based ed-tech company providing certification courses to professionals. Led by Krishna Kumar, Simplilearn recently celebrated its fifth birthday and over this time has impacted over 400,000 learners globally. With over 15,000 active learners a month from almost every country around the world, Simplilearn is one of the prominent players in the market. This impressive growth is also why investors are excited about Simplilean and recently poured in a $15 million series C round. The round was led by Mayfield with participation from Kalaari Capital and Helion Venture Partners. Including this round, Simplilearn has now raised a total of $27 million in capital. Here, we visit Simplilearn's office for our "Fabulous Startup Workplaces" series to see what goes on behind the scenes. Check out the video:

Cameraman: H R Raja; Editing: Anjali Achal

The blended learning platform offers a combination of online classes, in-person workshops and corporate trainings, all led by Simplilearn’s over 2,000 trainers. Courses span vendors, industries and platforms: Simplilearn offers training for everything from Advanced Cloud Computing to Six Sigma. “Simplilearn has had an impressive growth over the last few years and we are confident that this momentum will continue as more individuals seek professional certification(s) to succeed,” said Navin Chaddha, Managing Director of Mayfield.

“Our strength has been in providing a wide range of certification-based courses that have direct impact on the learners’ career. This focus on impact has ensured that we continue to grow at an aggressive pace,” says Krishna Kumar, CEO of Simplilearn. “With more of our learners moving to mobile & online learning, the current funding will allow us to continue to invest in the platform, expand our course coverage, and also look at rapidly expanding in the US and other primary markets.”

Website: Simplilearn

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