Not your usual cuppa-bringing the joy in tea drinking

Not your usual cuppa-bringing the joy in tea drinking

Monday August 03, 2015,

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Tea sachets making it to a wedding invitation card of a celebrity is quite a rare thing. Well, we are talking about the Anandini Himalaya Tea, which made it to the wedding invitation card of the newest Bollywood wedding of Shahid Kapoor with Mira Rajput. The brand Anandini Himalaya Tea is a creation of Anamika Singh, a tea lover by birth and a Tea-Taster by profession.


With 25 years of experience in the Tea industry, Anamika is introducing new infusions with a mix of natural flowers and herbs to the Indian market.

Anamika grew up in a tea manufacturing family and started her career as an apprentice under her father Mr. Abhai K. Singh, who is a well-known personality in the tea industry.

While the family business focused on exports, Anamika’s dream was to introduce good tea to people at an affordable price.

Talking about her growing up years Anamika says:

“It’s been tea and tea alone, would be close to 20-25 years now, so it’s always been earlier with that. My dad is a tea planter, he is one of the pioneers of the industry. He has been around for 50 years and we have grown up in tea estates in Darjeeling and now we are in Dharamsala, and so its always been tea, when we were back home after a holiday or when we were travelling by train. or over or when his friends were coming over.”

She started the Anandini Himalaya Tea Room in the year 2013, to have like-minded tea lovers come under one roof and not just experience great tea but also get an education about different blends.

Though all the Anandini Himalaya Tea is sourced from one source, from their family owned tea estate in Dharamsala, in the Northern state of Himachal, They are now also sourcing some single estate tea from estates in Assam, Japan and china.

At the moment, Anandini sells tea under the category of infusions, classic collections, Classic collection blends, handcrafted tea, festive blends, Tisanes and gifts.


Cameraman- Manoj

Video editor- Anjali Achal