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5 concept cafes that know their beans and what to do with them the creative way

5 concept cafes that know their beans and what to do with them the creative way

Sunday September 20, 2015 , 4 min Read

Pablo Picasso said, “There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.”

It’s a different sort of clientele that heads for cafes. Many people enter them mostly to escape from the heat, sit down to have conversations but you might be amazed by the quality and variety of the services the following art based cafes provide :

Art blend café:


Housed in Bengaluru, Art Blend Cafe was founded by Prateeti Shukla and Archana Gupta in February, 2014. Being passionate about their job, they have created an atmosphere comprising of artists, customers, foodies. Customers can create their own art pieces in Make It, Take It- one of the workshops where the in-house artists help the people model their pieces.


“We have come a long way from November 2013, when we first conceived the concept. It has been an ever evolving journey from a house turned into café offering basic snacks menu along with an art/hobby corner to a place for large parties, corporate and cultural gatherings, catering services provider and a favorite spot for multiple events like art workshops, painting sessions, summer camps, reading parties etc. Though we have branched out into different aspects of business, we still try to maintain the same intimate and warm experience for our customers and artists who have been loyal to us all this time and keep spreading the good word around.”, says Prateeti.

Leaping Windows


Founded by Bidisha Basu, Leaping Windows, not only has a cafe where people can have conversations owing to its quiet ambience but also has a library for comics, graphic novels and manga. Customers can also order comics online which will be delivered within 24 hours anywhere in Mumbai.


“When we decided to start Leaping Windows, I really had no real idea what starting a business, especially a cafe entailed. I had no background in hospitality. In a way it was a good thing or I may have never taken the jump! It was like being thrown into the deep end but luckily it was probably the best way to learn how to swim. It’s been a great experience though… the best part is that I get to wear many different hats and so it never gets boring.”, says Bidisha.

Saraya :

With an emphasis on fresh natural food, Deeksha Thind, founder of Saraya cafe, Goa aims to create an ecosystem for people to get together and exchange ideas over a cup of coffee. It utilizes sources produced from its backyard garden to supply fresh products. Various artists, writers, musicians display their creative work in Saraya’s art gallery. It gives a platform to individuals to grow as artists by conducting workshops as well.

Kasha Ki Aasha :


Kasha Ki Aasha was founded by Kasha Vande (Franco- American) to offer Pondicheriens a signature line of handicraft products. It is run by a team of local women who perform tasks to manage an exclusive boutique and the restaurant on its green terrace.


“After more than ten years, Kasha Ki Aasha, has made “feeling India” an art in itself. Our all woman staff has changed the business into a home-away-from-home run with the same pride and traditional South Indian hospitality found in any heritage house in the south. Whether our guests want to shop or relax, we try to make the experience as easy on the eyes as possible with the unique and beautiful of India everywhere you look right down to the teapot on the table. Many of our clients have told us that Kasha Ki Aasha is the hidden treasure of Pondicherry and that is for us, the greatest compliment. Certainly as the owner, it is my greatest joy to open our doors every morning and rediscover the riches inside even after all this time”, says Kasha Vande.

Mrs. Magpie :

One of the most famous landmarks in the city of joy is the Coffee House and the quintessential ‘adda’ that goes with it. Jostling for space in that environment is Mrs Magpie, founded by Sohini Basu. Mrs. Magpie is a cake-cafe block. It attracts one to enter because of its very innovative yet different and impressive ambience.

If you are a traveller who enjoys the charm of art-cafes, tell us more about your experiences here.