Energising the right talent pool, the JoulestoWatts way

Energising the right talent pool, the JoulestoWatts way

Tuesday October 06, 2015,

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Joules and Watt are the units for measuring energy and power respectively. For energy to be useful, it has to be converted into power and this is the analogy that entrepreneur Priti Sawant has used in naming her venture – JoulestoWatts. Founded in July this year, JoulestoWatts is a staffing solution firm which Priti prefers to call a talent collaboration platform and not traditional acquisition.

With over a decade’s experience in staffing, Priti has dealt with close to 300-350 customers, been instrumental in building a large recruitment engine in India and contributed to one of the largest staffing companies in India. With this kind of experience, she began her journey with JoulestoWatts with a keen awareness on the kind of gaps that needed to be filled.

JoulestoWatts brings a customized approach to a client’s needs. Each organisation has its own character, needs, with different approaches to building businesses, and accordingly talent plays a major role and this is where JoulestoWatts steps in.


They provide talent full time, on contract and also provide senior and niche talent on four to five working engagement models to customers. So in a way, they work as an aggregator for the industry. Priti says that they have seen an overwhelming response from the clients. What is being accepted and appreciated is the fact that somebody is ready to listen to them and arrive at something which is specific to their need and not give something which the consultant has.

Freelancing and consulting is looked at as secondary modes of work in our country, but this company aims to change that perception by becoming an aggregator for freelancers and consultants.

At JoulestoWatts, processes are technology-driven as it hopes to leverage technology as one of its key differentiators.

“We are going to automate our processes and workflows. So, that our turnaround time is faster to the client, so that we can fulfill their requirement on time.”

The firm is also looking at inclusive hiring. Being a firm that’s led by a woman, the company has already started the process of recruiting women who were on a break. The firm is funded by SAHA Fund, an investment firm led by women and for women, and the Manipal Global Education Services.

Listen into Priti as she takes us along on her journey.

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