Nitin Dahad on emerging technology trends

Nitin Dahad on emerging technology trends

Thursday October 01, 2015,

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With a background in engineering, electronics, telecoms and digital media, Nitin Dahad brings to the table a long list of achievements. YourStory caught up with him on his recent visit to India and he spoke to us about emerging global trends, the startup cultures globally and in India.

Talking about Indian startups Nitin says that there is a lot of drive and ambition that is visible amongst Indian startups. He believes that the just like Indians strive for good education, there is a lot of determination in Indian startup companies as well. However, he says that startups here need to focus on value rather than pricing.

”One of the things that might be interesting is to see what growth plans some of these e-commerce startups have, I know it’s very challenging, very competitive,very challenging, very cut throat, in India and its always price sensitive. I work with many companies that want to come to UK. And everything is always based on price rather than value so I think some of the things that Indian startups need to learn are value rather than price.”

He says that globally the key thing is to focus on things that matter to the startups growth. Investors and customers both look for traction in the market. Proof of concept and traction are two things that are key factors. Startups need to tell their story well. They need to go beyond technology and focus on what the customer or the investor wants. Companies along with technology development look at the bigger picture as well.

Nitin focuses on some of the emerging trends in the technology world and points out that Internet of Things or IOT is one of the biggest trends worldwide.

He says, It’s all about connecting devices, gathering the data the censors, analysing that data and doing something useful, in India it’s an interesting development, so if QUALCOMM or anyone is putting money then it’s an interesting development. Then you can have healthcare connected you can have pollution monitored, you can have environment monitoring, you can have government services, eportals things like that.”

Though there is a lot of investment and a lot of buzz in India, infrastructure still remains a concern, he says. Watch the full interview to get more insights from Nitin Dahad.

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