Unveiling the IBM SmartCamp Delhi Regional Finalists for 2015

Unveiling the IBM SmartCamp Delhi Regional Finalists for 2015

Friday November 27, 2015,

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As part of IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP) and its ongoing commitment to foster innovation among entrepreneurs, IBM GEP launched SmartCamp, a competition for B2B startups in India. It was exciting to see startups battling it out for the top spot at the regional finals held in Delhi recently. XLPAT, Shephertz, Sirionlabs, Silverpush Qustn and Staqu Te has emerged as the winners for the Delhi Regional Round.


Here is the list of B2B Startups who has emerged as Delhi regional finalist of IBM Smartcamp 2015.

Shephertz :

ShepHertz is a access channel and technology agnostic cloud computing platform (BaaS & PaaS) service provider. A One Stop Shop for all their Cloud needs. Simple to complex, reliable and robust Apps can be developed in a very short time. Developers don't have to worry about cloud resource management.

SalesPanda :

SalesPanda is an Inbound Digital Marketing software that helps you in creating onine brand presence, increase website traffic and rise in lead generation.

SirionLabs :

SirionLabs manage complex services engagements on an integrated platform. Automate contracts, performance and finance management. Real-time analytics and metrics.

Realbox :

Realbox helps businesses to get there business analyzed in realtime, raise trigger if the performance goes down. Create and manage customer profile and use ,it to do targeted marketing, personalizing offers for each guest.

SalezShark :

Salezshark offers best CRM software, marketing automation, intelligent-reporting, relationship cloud and sales force automation tool for your growing business.

Phonon :

Phonon innovative telecom solutions for banks, airlines and insurance companies, services including, click-to-call, click-to-video etc.

SilverPush :

SilverPush is a technology marketing platform that does cross-device mapping solution that helps big brands to understand user behavior by mapping data points generated by multiple devices into a unique mapping id.

Kangaroo :

Kangaroo Cabs is a premium corporate car rental platform, helps the corporates with their booking, car dispatch,, tracking . automated billing on a daily basis.

Fringe :

Fringe is a distribution platform of Fringe Benefits in a standardize & digital format and ensures the timely delivery of vouchers & coupons which are been distributed to the employees as additional benefits.

Gesture Research :

Gesture Research is a startup based out of Gurgaon India, with primary focus on development of motion recognition business applications.

Proof Of Performance :

Proof of Performance (PoP) offers insights to decision makers based on Video Analytics from the archives of the real world videos, available on it's cloud based platform.


XLPAT brings automated patent tools to perform online patent searches and landscape analysis for patents.

Qustn :

With Qustn a company can recruit, onboard, train, assess and more using a mobile first platform that can be taken live in 30 minutes flat.


SignCatch offers an integrated cloud based product-listing engine, which, with the help of web-services and relevant APIs, enables sharing product catalog across devices and sales platforms by simply checking boxes.

Staqu Technologies :

Staqu's helps users to search through a database of millions of images to return most visually similar results. Staqu plans to provides a real-time analysis of the fashion trends by crawling images of celebrities and stars from the Internet to help the users become aware of the latest trends in fashion.

IBM GEP Smartcamp is happening in Mumbai on 3rd & 4th December, 2015. If you are a startup, want to be a part of it, Please apply here.

For more details about IBM GEP Smartcamp, Please visit – http://ibmgepindia.com/