Big Data and AI-based publishing platform Quintype collaborates with Motherly to support millennial parents

Big Data and AI-based publishing platform Quintype collaborates with Motherly to support millennial parents

Tuesday November 17, 2015,

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Founded by Amit Rathore, Quintype is a data-driven publishing company focused on digital media. An end-to-end SaaS platform, it uses AI and big data to manage all aspects of a modern online media operation. Based out of Bengaluru and California, Quintype helps media organisations not only reduce technology costs but also helps them leverage data to increase revenue and profits.

The company has announced its partnership with Motherly, a digital platform that supports women by providing information on motherhood and pregnancy. Motherly works as a community network that partners with influencers, experts and users to deliver up-to-date content. The revamped Motherly site will be launched on December 16th, 2015.

Motherly will leverage the expertise of its large network of influencers, bloggers, authors, and experts for deep insights on millennial parenthood. Content will include headline news, expert insights, innovative products, and helpful services in addition to the latest research on pregnancy. It also aims to keep mothers motivated through many sleepless nights.

This partnership marks the first US-based media tie-up for Quintype. Its audience comprises millennial women around the globe. Quintype will actively help Motherly grow its business in Asia, by finding new customers, partners, and investors.

Amit Rathore

The partnership aims

By partnering with Quintype, Motherly intends to expand its model and help build its expert contributor community. The collaboration will also help move the Motherly interface to a mobile-first experience. Apart from relevant information, Motherly also provides curated products and services.

The collaboration is in sync with Quintype's recently launched accelerator programme SpeakWrite. While a startup out of the, a US-based accelerator program, that isn't connected to SpeakWrite or Quintype, Motherly was nevertheless chosen to be a part of SpeakWrite as the team believes this platform is on the brink of doing something amazing for modern mothers.

SpeakWrite is looking for media startups that target large markets in potentially under-innovated sectors and Motherly fits the bill. As a part of the programme, the startups will receive mentorship, advise, design, and development and also aid with launching the sites and apps.

"As millions of millennials decide to start families, there needs to be a modern, mobile-first service that helps them through the journey, and helps them connect with a community of like-minded folks. Quintype’s next-generation, data-driven publishing platform is perfect for such a content-driven community service," says Amit.

He also believes that Motherly is more than a basic parenting or mommy blog, and is on the path to doing something different for modern mothers. Through partnerships with experts, social influencers and user-generated content, Motherly aims to provide, personalised content in a voice a mother or would-be mother can truly rely on and relate to.

What to expect

Amit says that the Quintype team is excited to be helping Motherly as they evolve their business to be fully responsive. Speaking of the Motherly team, Amit says that they know what their audience needs, and thatQuintype is working on equipping Motherly with a data-driven,mobile-first platform to engage their viewers.

Jill Koziol, Co-founder and CEO of Motherly says that this partnership will help provide a sharper focus on their core business of connecting mothers to experts. She adds that they see this partnership with Quintype as an opportunity to leverage a publishing platform, without the distractions and costs involved in becoming a pure technology company.

Quintype's accelerator programme

While the programme is free for the startups, a percentage of equity stakes will be shared with Quintype. Amit adds that this will depend on-

  1. Stage of the startup
  2. Amount of funding raised
  3. Complexity of the site or app
  4. Business plan

“As this is a new programme, we expect to close this year with five startups, of which we have already finalised three”, said Amit. “We plan to invest in around 15 more startups next year”, adds Amit.

SpeakWrite aims to give these startups support and expertise that ranges from engagement perspective to development and audience distribution. Quintype’s mentors have deep entrepreneurship and corporate experience, along with deep insights in the publishing domain.

"We will look at companies that apply to SpeakWrite in terms of their business plan, addressable market, team experience, funding, etc. In addition, we will be looking at the quality of content, and the importance of content to their business model," adds Amit.



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