How cognitive systems like IBM Watson are changing the way we solve problems

How cognitive systems like IBM Watson are changing the way we solve problems

Friday January 22, 2016,

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In two years’ time, half of all consumers worldwide will interact with services based on cognitive computing on a regular basis. The message is clear – every organization, whether it is small or large, or even just starting up, needs to examine how cognitive computing can help them enhance their business and connect with consumers in a rapidly changing world.

How Watson is changing the way problems are solved across industries

IBM Watson, the world’s broadest platform of cognitive technologies, is revolutionising the way decisions are made across industries by uncovering patterns in new and intelligent ways. Watson uses natural language processing and machine learning, among other artificial intelligence technologies, to reveal insights from large amounts of unstructured data. It employs reasoning strategies that evolve to become more sophisticated and handle increasingly complex problems.

Watson effectively combines an understanding of how humans communicate – through metaphors, idioms and natural language – with machine capabilities such as deep learning and large-scale mathematics, to provide useful insights from vast amounts of unstructured data. Watson can analyse and understand natural language such as tweets, text, articles, studies and reports and at the same time, make contextual sense out of videos and images.

Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities address the needs of industries ranging from healthcare and scientific research to customer service, retail and financial services. Watson is at work scaling human expertise and drawing insights from data in both established businesses that need design innovative solutions for recurring issues, and with start-ups that need to crystallize their creativity into real businesses.


Watson in India

In 2015, IBM announced that Manipal Hospitals, Bengaluru, would be the first instance of Watson in India. ‘Watson for Oncology,’ which IBM developed jointly with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, has ingested nearly 15 million pages of medical content, including more than 200 medical textbooks and 300 medical journals, and is designed to help oncologists provide more personalized treatment options to their patients.

To help increase awareness and understanding of cognitive business in India, a month-long hackathon around IBM Watson is underway to socialize the platform through developers. The Hackathon is set to culminate at an event called “Watson in India”.

‘Watson in India’ is a forum for innovative thinkers and developers who are at the forefront of building, developing and using the cognitive technologies that are extending human expertise.

Participants will have an unprecedented opportunity to collaborate, co-create and exchange ideas with one another and the world’s most forward-thinking cognitive experts. This half-day event will focus on sharing real world applications of cognitive technologies, and allow attendees access to the next wave of innovations and applications through an interactive experience. The programme will also include panel discussions and fireside chats between senior IBM executives and businesses that are already working with Watson.

When: 2.00 pm onwards on 2 February 2016 in Bengaluru.

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Watson for Developers

If you’re a developer, then check out the Watson Ecosystem, a partner programme that provides businesses the opportunity to build applications on the Watson platform. Ecosystem partners also gain access to IBM’s network of business and technical experts and a community of entrepreneurial organizations working to resolve some of the toughest challenges in their respective industries. Partners tap into a library of cognitive APIs, frameworks and enablement to quickly build and deploy cognitive products. The Watson Ecosystem currently has over 500 partners using the technology. If you are ready to build the next big application in 2016, the Watson Ecosystem is for you.

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