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If you have an idea for connected transport systems, sign up for Ignition Lab 1.0 today

If you have an idea for connected transport systems, sign up for Ignition Lab 1.0 today

Monday January 04, 2016 , 5 min Read

This article is sponsored by Autonebula

The economic growth of any country has been dependent on increasing the capacity and rationality of its transportation system. Transport sustainability is an equally large challenge given the type of natural resources that the sector guzzles. In a developing economy like India, the explosive growth in the sheer number of goods and people being transported – by road, rail or water – transportation planning needs to be not just sustainable but also future-ready. Significant investments in infrastructure notwithstanding, the solution lies in planning to make transportation in India a smart and efficient system by leveraging the best ideas and technology available in the country.

Connected Transport (2)

Imagine a scenario where all the vehicles in a country, or even a continent, are inter-connected through a system that can manage traffic, predict and tackle congestion, sense a serious problem and alert authorities and response teams in case of accidents. And this isn’t something we have to wait for. The eCall system – which does all of the above – is already operational across the European Union and is mandatory for all cars and light vehicles. Carmaker GM has OnStar, which provides wireless communications for in-vehicle security, turn-by-turn navigation and remote diagnostics systems in its vehicles.

Connected Transport systems are slowly taking root; potential-wise, systems like eCall or OnStar have barely scratched the surface. At its core, the concept of Connected Transport seeks to leverage a variety of back-end systems to build transport infrastructure, products and services and integrate these into uses in fleet management, insurance, e-commerce and banking. It encompasses location and navigation technology, analytics, infotainment, driver behavior and driverless systems, as well as safety and security. Given the severe challenges that India faces in the area of transportation which go beyond the hassles and dangers of urban commute and create significant supply chain inefficiencies, Connected Transport systems are something we needed yesterday.

One entity dedicated to nurturing Connected Transport is Autonebula, India's first business incubator-accelerator focused on Connected Transport. It is founded by Sanjay Puri, a successful entrepreneur with extensive experience spanning two decades in the US-India business corridor.

The Ignition Lab 1.0 Contest

Autonebula is dedicated to identifying initiating and continuing dialogue and partnership across the public and private sectors to promote sustainable modes of transport infrastructure and traffic management. To this end, it has organized The Ignition Labs 1.0 Contest for entrepreneurs and startups related to connected transport – IoT projects related to Connected Cars, Vehicle Management, Traffic Management, Vehicle Logistics, Telemetry, Navigation, Infotainment, and Data Analytics.

Sanjay Puri 2
Sanjay Puri, Founder, Autonebula

In the first stage, contestants will have to fill out a form stating the details of their company. This will be followed by shortlisted entrepreneurs being invited to pitch their business plan in offline meetups in major cities across the country. These pitches will be evaluated by a jury comprising entrepreneurs, technocrats and stalwarts from the automotive industry.

Up to 10 finalists will be shortlisted and will then get to present their ideas at Autonebula’s Connected Transport Conference in Pune on 28 January 2016. The winning startup will become a part of Autonebula’s 16-week incubation programme and will also be eligible for seed funding.

Last date for applications: 15 January 2016

In the first round, applicants will be contacted by Autonebula to discuss their ideas and business plans. Over January 20-25, shortlisted applicants will be invited to a 10-minute pitch, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. The third and final round will be held at the conference on 28 January.

Why you should attend the Connected Transport Conference 1.0

The Connected Transport Conference 1.0 is the first of its kind in India and aims to bring together leaders in Connected Transport from across the world to present, analyze and discuss evolving trends, emerging business issues and possible solutions, policies and regulations.

The conference, being held on 28-29 January 2016 at the Le Meridien in Pune, will discuss a variety of topics, including the growth of the connected transport market in India, driverless cars, and other trends, as well as implications of new technologies for the Connected Transport world. According to Sanjay Puri,

Startups will gain access to the global ecosystem of Auto OEMs, tier 1 suppliers and others like software and hardware platforms in the connected transport space. It is an opportunity to interact with world class experts who have built successful companies, product gurus, market launch experts and others to build relationships. Startups will also get to network with other experts and that will enable them to hire top notch talent.

And that’s just in the short term. In the long run, attendees can benefit a great deal from panels focused on the innovation, the future and the challenges of the connected transport ecosystem that will enable them to plan and strategize their business plans. Puri adds,

The conference is an opportunity to build relationships that will enable them to build advisory boards, venture fund relationships, client relationships for the future. 

The event will be attended by large players from the automobile OEM space, component manufacturers, IoT & technology companies, telecom providers, IoT & auto-related startups, among others.

Organisations expected to participate include Bharat Forge, BMW, Bosch India, Cisco, Genpact, IBM, Maruti, Mahindra Reva, Mercedes, Nissan, OLACabs, Savari, Tata Motors, Uber, Volkswagen, Volvo, Zensar Technologies. Autonebula’s partners for the conference include Auto Tech Review, AutoX, CVTA, Cybermedia, Markets and Markets, Ruby Research & Analytics and Vinli. Exhibitions India Group is a co-organizer of the Connected Transport Conference 1.0.

Don’t forget to fill out this form before 15 January to take part in the Ignition Lab 1.0 Contest.