Stand up for yourself and the world will stand with you - Life lessons from Sunny Leone

Stand up for yourself and the world will stand with you - Life lessons from Sunny Leone

Saturday January 23, 2016,

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When Karenjit Kaur aka Sunny Leone took on the most demeaning questions hurled at her with a smile, India and the world could not help but marvel at her poise and confidence. This incident not only made us love Sunny more but also, more importantly, brought to the forefront the changing face of the infamous ‘Indian mindset’.

Women world over are questioned for their actions, so much so that living with these questions has become a way of life. However, through her recent interview, Sunny Leone showed us how to tackle them, like a pro.

Here are 10 life lessons Sunny taught us:


  1. Don’t lose your cool

From regrets to embarrassments, all questions hurled at Sunny reeked of the interviewer’s agenda to steer the interview in a particular direction. Yet, she didn’t let them irk her and carried herself with grace and dignity. “I wouldn’t want to give a person the gratification that they upset me ever,” Sunny said in the interview. No doubt this was meant for journalist Bhupendra Chaubey, too.


  1. Embrace yourself and everything you have done

Be sure of what you are doing and also about what you have done in the past. Don’t do anything you think you are going to regret doing sometime in the future.

When asked if she would go back and change what she’s done in the past, Sunny says ‘No’ and finishes with a confident ‘100%’ on being asked again.


  1. Respect your struggle

Nothing in life comes easy. Give yourself all the credit and acknowledge your efforts, regardless of who does or does not.

“Everything I have done in my life has led me to this seat,”she said.


  1. Try and look at the brighter side of things

No matter what you have gone through, however unusual or difficult the experience may be, make sure you always look at the brighter side of things.

“I don’t have any horror stories, I haven’t been abused,” Sunny remarked.


  1. Accept and learn from your mistakes

To err is human, don’t be afraid or ashamed of the mistakes you make. They are bound to happen and will make you a better person.

“I have made mistakes just like everybody has and learnt from them. I don’t regret that.”

Credit – CNN-IBN
  1. Stay positive

Don’t let the opinion or behaviour of others irk or bother you.

“I am never affected by people’s negativity. I have no reason to hate you. If you hate me that’s your prerogative,”Sunny noted.


  1. Take pride in your achievements

Celebrate and take pride in all your achievements, however big or small they are.

“Everything I have done, has led me to this seat”


  1. Aspire

No matter what milestones you have achieved or how popular you are, always dream of bigger and better things and work towards achieving them.

“Of course, I have dreams,”Sunny said.


  1. Enjoy what you are doing

You are going to be successful at what you are doing only if you enjoy doing it! Work hard and have a ball while at it!


  1. Don’t let the smile fade away

And no matter what you are going through, face it with a smile.

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