Workplace work ethics - no matter how casual it is

Workplace work ethics - no matter how casual it is

Wednesday May 18, 2016,

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With a new startup springing up every second day – work cultures seem to be changing. While you can have a paid week off, you can also have a week where you work 15 hours a day; you can wear anything you want and so on. With more and more people joining startups – work ethics are lost.

You could be at a huge MNC, or at a seed stage startup. Here are a few work ethics one needs to follow.


Watch your attitude

One needs to be decent and should display the right kind of attitude with the other team members, seniors and subordinates. Behavioural problems can prove to be disastrous for oneself and for people around in the workplace. It not only ruins the work structure, but also stains the reputation of the person.

Discipline is an essential

No matter what, a fair amount of work discipline should be implemented on everything. Right from coming to office on time to submitting work under deadline, every single thing should be done on a proper schedule. Otherwise, the person will be lagging behind just because of his own negligence and costing the company business.

Be reliable and take responsibility

You have to be very reliable, no matter what your designation is. Reliability is the only significant factor which will help you to share a productive bond with your co-employees. A company is just like a pyramid, if a tiny portion of it gets harmed, then it will be destroyed completely.

Needless to say – be honest!

Just like anything else, dishonesty can create gaps which could never be fulfilled. Unlike anything, dishonesty can affect the reliability factor, trust and more than everything it can ruin your image entirely in an organisation and industry, which may affect your future as well.

Do not plagiarise

Try to keep your work original. Do not copy anything from others’ work. You should always work on your own idea and completely focus on that. Always remember that with the rising popularity of the internet, it takes less than a minute to scan the originality of your work.

Professionalism needs to be maintained 

One should maintain his/her professional behaviour around their work desk. Do not be personal at work. Remember, your personal issues can absolutely ruin the atmosphere of your workplace (especially at a startup) and people around it.

Be social, approachable and friendly

Nothing will work better than showing gratitude in every phase of your job. No matter how competitive the workplace is, you need to be friendly and helpful to anyone who needs it. All of you need to function as a team, and work towards the betterment of the company.

Are you personally facing any problem regarding the work ethics of your company? Is it too casual for you? Do not underrate any problems (especially if it is the beginning). Keep your patience and maintain at least these above-mentioned factors as per your possibility.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)