Creating a Public Relations plan: It’s no rocket science

Creating a Public Relations plan: It’s no rocket science

Wednesday September 28, 2016,

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Good Public Relations take into account the company’s activities and projects for at least six months to a year. At the same time, there is a need for flexibility to make space for unforeseen developments which are likely to take place. A professional Public Relations firm is sure to help you draw up a methodical plan to achieve your PR goals. However, it is prudent to be involved in every step of the process rather than leave everything to the PR firm. At the end of the day, it is you who know your company inside out and can provide valuable input.

With plans that are far-reaching and evolved, an effective PR can help a company communicate its ideas, reach more clients, and increase sales.


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Review and map out goals

Chalk out the aims and objectives you wish to attain with your Public Relations plan. The core target should be boosting sales and profits. Next, generate awareness about your business to increase its reach. Take a look at the previous year’s PR plan to determine which areas could use improvement. Assess whether the goals of that plan were effectively achieved or not.

Identify your target audience

Use your resources. The media, existing customers, stakeholders, prospective clients, suppliers, vendors and even employees can come in handy while spreading the message. Compile a database with contact information for all these people to reach out whenever required. You might need these details to send out invitations to promotional events, reminders, or even messages of appreciation.

Pinpoint opportunities

Look at your proposed PR plan and identify the opportunities that have the potential to generate the most buzz. These could be product launches, new offerings on the anvil or expansion plans which can all be turned into great media events. For instance, if your company is planning on launching a new range of jackets, then autumn or winter might be the appropriate time for a spectacular launch.

Strategies and tactics

These are two separate and very crucial components of your Public Relations plan. For instance, your strategy might be the promotion of a new product developed by your company. The tactics you employ to achieve this goal can include an online contest inviting participants to suggest a name for the product or throwing a party for existing customers and media representatives.

Chalk out a budget

This has to be a realistic amount because unpredictable scenarios are likely to crop up. It could, for example, be a publicity event costing you more due to the attendees exceeding your expectations. Keeping a 10 percent safety net is a reasonable figure.

Stick to deadlines

The deadlines set in the Public Relations plan must be adhered to for effective execution. Drawing up a timetable with clearly-defined tasks and targets can help with this.

Public Relations cannot be a one-person show. It needs team effort and the support of various individuals to be effective. So, do not hesitate to hire the best PR team and recruit the right people to see your Public Relations goals to fruition.