[Tech30] How InfiSecure Technologies is helping businesses block bad bots and save resources

[Tech30] How InfiSecure Technologies is helping businesses block bad bots and save resources

Saturday October 01, 2016,

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The Internet has opened new avenues for small and medium scale businesses (SMBs) to scale and generate revenues, but at the same time made them more susceptible to online fraud and deception. Lot of malicious bots scrape information from websites and also add to overall website traffic and overburden servers.

Multiple reports estimate that bots account for almost 50-60 percent of online traffic. But not all bots are bad-crawlers (like Google, Bing) and news aggregators actually add value. Distinguishing between different bots and ensuring that a website is protected in real time is hard. Infisecure Technologies, a YourStory Tech 30 2016 company aims to solve these pain points with their product.

Abhilash Pandey and Sandeep Singh

Story so far

InfiSecure Technologies was co-founded by the duo of Abhilash Pandey and Sandeep Singh. Abhilash is an engineer-MBA with partner management experience in companies such as Microsoft, Facebook and TCS while Sandeep is an inbound marketing expert who had previously worked with TCS, Microsoft and NASSCOM.

While working together at Microsoft, Abhilash and Sandeep realised that bots caused a lot of trouble to small and big enterprises and though good solutions existed, they were out of reach of SMBs. So they decided to work on solution and after a few months, did a soft launch in April 2016 before finally going live more recently.

In its essence, InfiSecure is a web security platform that helps companies detect and block online security threats. It also enables online businesses to fine-tune control over bot traffic on their websites. The service bundles different aspects of website security, including bot protection, click fraud protection and fake traffic prevention. Based out of Mumbai, the startup currently consists of a 10-member team.

How Infisecure works

InfiSecure blocks bad bot traffic, while ensuring that legitimate users are able to access the website. The product also helps businesses gain insight into their website’s bot traffic, detect and block bad bots and unwanted crawlers in real time and also protect the website against scrapers, hackers and spammers. Abhilash noted,

In addition, the other benefits of InfiSecure include improved search engine rankings, faster load during peak hours and higher conversions on their websites.

While Infisecure has currently identified eight different sectors where it could offer its solutions to businesses the current focus area is on media and content, which include listing websites and classifieds, blogs, social networks, news websites and other businesses that collect user data or have unique content.

InfiSecure’s technology generates revenue through a licensing model with monthly and annual plans, with the pricing directly proportionate to its customers’ business. The team shared that their current revenues are under Rs fifteen lakh per annum. Abhilash said,

We are currently seeing the most traction on e-commerce and have around 17 customers. Content platforms are second, with about eight customers.

Going forward, the startup aims to go after portals and listings.

Future plans and YourStory take


Currently bootstrapped, Infisecure is looking to close a seed round of funding in the next couple of months. So far it has launched a comprehensive bot directory of 3,200+ bots and is in the process of launching its second product for click fraud prevention. Their future plans are to build a comprehensive portfolio of products in online fraud and website security to become a one-stop solution for every online business.

It has been quite a while since software has started eating the world, and in India the Digital India drive is pushing the envelope on this. However, security is still an afterthought for many in India. Infisecure is our bet in the field of Internet security.

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