7 business blogs can help you keep up with the industry

7 business blogs can help you keep up with the industry

Friday November 18, 2016,

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Startup owners, leaders, and business people strive to stay up to date with every changing trends in the business world. Given the fact that establishing and running a business can be exhilarating and exhausting at the same time, it becomes imperative for such people to find a medium that can help them learn and grow in their respective field of work. In the world of business, blogs have always been the preferred medium to gather information. This is considering their ability to express real-time experiences, thus helping business people understand the modern business landscape.


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Such blogs contain useful marketing tips, guidelines, business advice, industry insights, and resources for both seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs. However, blogging is expanding rapidly, making it quite daunting to find blogs that suit your learning requirements. We have tried to put a list together of some of the best small business blogs that are ever-growing reserves of business brilliance. Here are seven such useful blogs that every entrepreneur must follow regularly:

Young Entrepreneur

Young Entrepreneur offers useful guides on everything related to running and/or marketing your business, creating a website, increasing sales, establishing the right connections, and more. This blog is, as the name suggests, a haven for young entrepreneurs. It also features live polls, forums, and interviews on various marketing and business niches.

Duct Tape Marketing

This blog contains every bit of information on entrepreneurship and marketing that one needs to run a small business successfully. Besides this, it also offers a large library of free e-books and guest posts from several business experts.


OkDork is a personal blog by Noah Kagan, the Founder of AppSumo (a Daily-Deals website). On his blog, you can find all the tips and tricks on startups, leadership, marketing, and social media management that Noah himself used to build a strong foundation for OkDork.

Entrepreneur on Fire

Entrepreneur on Fire is a personal review blog by John Lee Dumas and his wife, Kate Erickson. After turning their info-marketing podcast into a thriving million dollar empire, they decided to pass on their knowledge and lessons learned to their fellow budding entrepreneurs.

Forbes: Entrepreneurs

Forbes: Entrepreneurs is one of the best and most reliable sources for worldwide news and information on everything related to running and establishing a successful business. Since Forbes only accepts quality articles for its blog and online newsletter, you can rely on the information.

Venture Beat

Anyone who has started, or is considering, running a technical startup must follow VentureBeat. The blog is written and maintained by a team of experienced journalists and provides information on latest industry developments and disruptive technology.

Web Worker Daily

Web Worker Daily is one of the best blogs for those whose office is primarily the web. The blog provides interesting tips and advice for running a small business on and through the web, along with news and information on latest technology.

Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout is a blog by Neil Patel, the Co-founder of Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics, and Hello Bar. Anyone who wants to learn online marketing and make it big in the online world must read his advice and informative pieces. The blog provides useful insights on analysing current trends and data coupled with what works and what doesn't work in the world digital marketing.

With these seven resources by your side, staying abreast with the changing market trends will be a cake walk. Feel free to share more blogs that you know of and follow on a regular basis.

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