Four steps to rekindle your dormant creativity

Four steps to rekindle your dormant creativity

Friday November 25, 2016,

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Creativity is the substance of life. From the invention of the wheel to the latest advances in space exploration, and from cave paintings to the possibilities of digital art, the history of the human race and its progress is full of inspiring accounts of great minds touching and changing lives through their creativity. Creativity pervades all aspects of life. Even the most mundane of tasks can turn interesting with a little bit of imagination. Here are four tips to help you use and express this critical faculty to its fullest. Remember, when you enhance your creativity, you enhance your experience of life.

Image : shutterstock

Image : shutterstock

Stay inquisitive

If you want your mind to think creatively, you need to pay attention to things that you usually tend to overlook. If you only see the forest, and fail to notice the leaves and twigs, you are losing out on a lot of beauty and learning. Learn a new thing every day by asking a new question every day. Stay inquisitive.

Stay inspired

Identify your source of inspiration and ensure that you revisit it every single day. Your inspiration could be anything, from a tree to a person or song. Make sure that you have enough inspiration fuel to keep the creative juices flowing.

Stay imaginative

Imagination is your pair of invisible wings. Fly with it into the infinite universe. If you have the gift of imagination, you can even go on a world trip during your lunch hour. Now, wouldn't that make an incredible story - Around the world in twenty minutes? Find ways to express your imagination. Try writing journals. Try your hand at doodling or writing a short story. Make imagining a habit.

Stay inventive

Give yourself small tasks, your own fun projects that will stimulate your brain and present it with new challenges. You could build yourself a clay oven in your balcony to bake pizzas or you could paint your wall, or even invent a language. Can you imagine having a dialect, or even a code, of your very own?

A creative mind is like a bag of random bits of information. The quality of what you take out of it depends on the quality of things you put inside. Its job is to have fun connecting the information bits in your head in interesting, unusual and limitless ways. Its job is to create a better tomorrow. So, keep your interests numerous. Read. Paint. Ponder. Explore. By putting many different things into your mind, you will enhance your creativity.

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