5 leadership trends and challenges to expect in 2017

5 leadership trends and challenges to expect in 2017

Thursday November 03, 2016,

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From the directive and autocratic leadership style of the 19th century to the democratic and participative leadership style of today, the corporate world has come a long way. At present, the primary focus of most organizations is on creating a work culture that can bridge the gap between juniors and seniors and encourage open communication. Many companies have already implemented new rules supporting this system while others are on their way to making changes in their existing structure.


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Since 2017 is just a couple of months away, here are the top leadership trends and challenges for senior executives that you can expect in the coming year:

More emphasis on work relationships

Working relations, aka workplace bonding, have always played a major role in organizational success. When employees develop good bonds with each other, they tend to work more efficiently, which ultimately leads to better overall output. As of now, most organizations organise activities supporting solid peer-to-peer bonding, but going forward, they will expand their agenda to solidify junior-senior relations, too.

Digital literacy

Many top leaders still find it difficult to get comfortable with the virtual world– blogs, vlogs, teleconferencing, Skype, wikis, instant messaging, social networks, video and document-sharing sites, chat boards, etc. In 2017, we hope to see more programmes focusing on enhancing their digital awareness.

Adaptation of global business practices

Nowadays, most companies embrace globalisation and tend to adopt global business practices. Going forward, companies are likely to focus more on adopting global business models by engaging in employee exchange programmes, temporary relocation and setting up overseas headquarters. Business leaders will be at the forefront of exploring these opportunities in 2017.

More challenges for STEM leaders

In the coming years, AI-infused machines will make the survival process for employees tougher. Business leaders belonging to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) jobs will also feel the heat and face more challenges than ever. Unless they prepare themselves to go the extra mile and add new skills to their resumes, things are going to get demanding for them.

Innovative approach

No matter which industry you belong to, the traditional approach of acquiring customers and selling products won't bring desired results in the coming years. Brands will have to be innovative to catch customers' attention and win their trust. Business leaders who can't think of innovative ideas will find it tough to go all the way.

These trends and challenges arealready begun revealing themselves in the workplace today, and organizations and will continue to play an important role in the next year. If you're a business leader, be ready to face these challenges and stay the course to get rid of them.