Top 3 risks of scaling up a business

Top 3 risks of scaling up a business

Wednesday November 16, 2016,

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If you own a business, it’s only natural to dream of scaling it up. Expanding a business might never seem like a bad move, but it can go south if not done with absolute clarity and risk management. There are many businesses that have shut down because their leaders/business owners failed to understand the risks in growing a business. While every business might face its own set of problems, there are certain common areas that should get proper attention. Read on to find out.


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The challenges of the market

Before you take that ultimate next step, ask yourself is your product market ready? Will your product be able to withstand the cruel competitive consumer world? The equation of you and your business idea is a simple one. The conflict arises as soon as you put the consumer in the equation too. The market is where you have to flag your existence. Analyse if your product is economically scalable. Is it sustainable? Does your venture have an effective marketing function? Marketing will not only glorify your product and entice more customers for you, it can also be used effectively in recruiting process.

The challenges of human resources

People management is not an easy virtue to conquer, but it is absolutely necessary to be taken into account when upgrading from the one boss one assistant equation. One of the biggest challenges while scaling up your business is the management and mentoring of the new team members. Firstly, while recruiting, do not compromise on talent and hard work. It’s a combination that can take you to the ultimate top. Understand that a mis-hire can cost you the image of your company, the morale of your team, and the overall work environment. Most importantly, as you expand your business, your leaders must be able to adapt to the change as well. They have to master the skills of hiring and delegation. The management of your business rides on the shoulders of your team leaders.

Infrastructural growth

You have tasted a little success and are ready to expand and take your business to the next level. But is your business’ infrastructure and organisational systems ready for the leap? As you grow, your resource pool has to scale up equally so that the communication and decisions can handle the complexities that come with growth. In the absence of adequate systems, you will find unnecessary delays and frustration that will lead to poor outcomes.

Growing a business is dynamic in nature. You might know what you are doing, but you still need to consider the risks involved and hope things fall into place. Your leadership quality is the prime most thing that can make this journey a smooth sail or challenging on the tumultuous waters. Have you faced any of the listed barriers while scaling up? How did you overcome them?