The Curofy storyline — highlighting entrepreneurial lessons of 2016

The Curofy storyline — highlighting entrepreneurial lessons of 2016

Tuesday December 20, 2016,

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The name Curofy has become synonymous with the healthtech boom in India. Founded in 2014 by three engineering graduates from IIT Delhi, Pawan Gupta, Mudit Vijayvergiya and Nipun Goyal, Curofy is a medical networking app that enables communication between doctors.

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Learnings from 2016:

Nipun Goyal, co-founder, Curofy, told YourStory, “2016 has been a great learning curve for us. With the industry on the verge of a digital makeover, acting fast and making our product ready for the wave has been an outcome of our learnings in 2016. Doing fast iterations has been the key to moving rapidly as a product company, and we have significantly accelerated a typically slow-moving healthcare industry’s pace to adopt digital as a mode of communication to connect with relevant stakeholders. Pharmaceutical and devices companies have started allocating good chunks of their marketing budgets to digital.”

He further added, “We also realised that both engagement and monetisation have to go hand in hand, one driving the other; else, it might be an opportunity lost. However, 2016’s biggest learning has been our understanding of the industry. We have always believed that offline behaviour needs to be replicated online for sustainability. And with the industry still taking baby steps, the onus was on us to spread the word and to understand the aspects of the healthcare industry that can go digital.

Nipun hopes to further understand their capabilities and make the necessary product iterations accordingly, and 2017 will be another learning curve for the company. The lessons of 2016 will play a great role as they embark on their 2017 journey. And with the government’s push towards taking India digital, they are game for any challenge that lies ahead.

Key milestones till 2016:

  • Reached a user base of 2,00,000 verified doctors
  • Reached a user generated case repository of more than 80,000 cases
  • With 300 cases being posted every day, we are the most engaged platform for doctors
  • Started monetising and have a pipeline of more than Rs 2.5 crore worth of projects today, including one worth a significant Rs 55 lakh. Roped in more than 30 big clients, including Abbott, GSK, Boston Scientific, Boehringer Ingelheim, Dr Reddy's, MSF ,and Cipla
  • Among the top seven Indian startups selected for 3rd Google Accelerator Programme in Silicon Valley (only Indian healthcare startup)
  • Featured among the top 11 mobile-focused startups from Delhi-NCR by YourStory
  • Featured among the five best Android apps for doctors by Times of India

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