6 ways to show your employees that you care

6 ways to show your employees that you care

Monday December 19, 2016,

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Be it huge corporations or small startups, employees across all verticals and sectors deserve to feel valued and appreciated for the work they've done. According to cultureiq.com, 69 percent of employees worked harder when they felt they were appreciated, and 54 percent of employees would quit working at a company where they didn’t feel appreciated. When employers and immediate bosses make it a point to let those working under them know that they are doing a good job, it boosts overall morale and makes the work environment more conducive to growth.


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Whether you're looking at budget-friendly ways to appreciate your employees or quick and easy tips, these six strategies will let your employees know that you care. Read on!

The gift of time

While bonuses and incentives work just fine in motivating employees, there is nothing like taking time out to let them know you care. Take your valued employee out for lunch or spare time from your busy schedule to discuss their on-going project, and you're sure to earn brownie points with them.

New opportunities

A pat on the back or a 'Well done!' might let your employee know that you care and appreciate them, but giving them new opportunities for career growth will really show them that you are not letting their hard work go unnoticed. This can include passes to an important conference or even the much coveted chance to handle a new client.

Praise from colleagues

It is one thing to get recognised for your work by your bosses, but it is a whole other thing to get cheered on by your colleagues. Encourage an environment where success mails over a deal signed or a task well accomplished are sent across departments and colleagues get to nominate one of their own for an 'employee of the month' award.

Unexpected treats

Gifts and incentives don't have to be materialistic for them to be appreciated. Shortened work days or free lunches can go a long way to show your employees some love. Employees will begin to gradually look forward to these simple incentives, and it will make them more productive in the long run.

Be generous with praise

Don't just leave it at 'Well done' or 'Great job'. Tell your employees what you specifically liked about their performance. Was it that they were successfully able to redirect the group discussion to the topic at hand or that their smart thinking helped avert a potential disaster? It never hurts to go in detail and be generous with praise.

Transparency is the key

Don't keep your employees in the dark about the goings-on in the company. While everything cannot be discussed with them, it never hurts to let them know that all of you are in this together. On whether why a particular client won't pay outstanding bills or why a certain partner hardly shows up, it's always better to put the truth out there rather than to encourage unnecessary gossip.

Make employee appreciation and motivation your on-going priority and it will help you retain your best talent effortlessly. A positive work culture boosts productivity, which in turn encourages employees to do better than they set out for.