[Photo Sparks]- When young social entrepreneurs of 29 countries redefined Youth Time

[Photo Sparks]- When young social entrepreneurs of 29 countries redefined Youth Time

Friday December 02, 2016,

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When millennials of 29 different countries set to follow their dream of making a difference to the world they live in, can any power, howsoever strong, stop them?

Well, as obvious as that answer is, the bustling streets of Jakarta, Indonesia witnessed something unusual between November 24 and 27. Young social entrepreneurs and game-changers across the globe assembled at a global youth forum, with an intent to exchange their unique ideas. Youth Time, an international non-governmental movement based out of Prague, Czech Republic, hosted its flagship event, ‘Youth Global Forum 2016 in Jakarta’, to celebrate young entrepreneurs. The event saw over 100 participants, attendees and project presenters.

All the attendees at the Youth Time International Movement
All the attendees at the Youth Time International Movement

Founded in 2010 by 22-year-old Julia Kinash to foster collaboration between young people to create social change, the forum has co-hosted youth conferences in various countries in collaboration with various organisations. It is also funded by World Public Forum, which was founded and run by Vladimir Yakunin, former president of Russian Railways. Youth Time has been funded and worked in partnership with organizations such as World Public Forum, Siemens, Alstom, IES Consulting, ESEI International Business School.

The attendees, predominantly in the 18-35 age group, were selected from a pool of applicants—primarily from non-Western countries—who demonstrated their commitment to social causes and social change in their applications.

Julia Kinash, Founder Youth Time
Julia Kinash, Founder Youth Time

An annual celebration of ideas, the forum direct young entrepreneurs towards credible sources, and helps them with some seed funding for their project. The theme this time was 'Sustainability Through Social Entrepreneurship'. The 2016 edition of the Youth Global forum was organized by Youth Time and Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Prague. In partnership with; IPMI Business School in Jakarta, Zagreb School of Business, ESEI Business School in Barcelona, Youth For Climate Change Indonesia and Indonesian Future Leaders. A realization grant of €7,000 euros and a full-time scholarship at ESEI Business School, Barcelona, Spain was offered to the winner .

Every year, the forum looks out for young entrepreneurs and fuels their engines with ideas. Here is a sneak peek at the vibrant 2016 edition, which hosted an inspiring pool of young game-changers from across the globe.

The speakers at the opening day


Sweksha Neupane is the 2015 winner of the Youth Global Forum


Ms. Grace Sabandar is one among the 50 business leaders in Asia


Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports Indonesia - Mr. Esa Sukmawijaya


Head of Division of Youth & Sports Government Jakarta - Mr. Firmansyah


First Secretary Social & Cultural Affairs of the Embassy of Indonesia, Prague - Mr.Wahono Yulianto


President of IPMI Business School - Mr. Jimmy Gani


The speakers at the first day


The vibe






The first prize winner, Olga Lakhnova from Russia received a grant of 7000 EUR for the project and a fully funded scholarship at ESEI Business School in Barcelona (Spain). Her project 'Senior to Junior / Fight isolation of elderly by educating young' was the chosen project of the year.


India stood second when Ajay Etikala from New Delhi,India presented his project named 'OrganicUbuntu'- Connecting farmers to end customers. He walked out with a fully funded scholarship at IPMI International Business School in Jakarta (Indonesia)


The 3rd prize winner, Ngan Nguyen from Vietnam won, a semester scholarship at Zagreb School of Business (Croatia). Her project revolved around 'Clean energy application for rural areas Vietnam'.



The 7 project presenters from Indonesia, Russia, India and Vietnam