Meet the top tech 25 startups from Karnataka

Meet the top tech 25 startups from Karnataka

Friday December 02, 2016,

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Bengaluru, known as India’s startup city, has got a shot in the arm with the government recognising the new-age entrepreneurs in the city as well as the state with the launch of the Startup Karnataka Top Tech Awards.

Gamatics India Pvt Ltd, an online platform for e-commerce and analytics-based solutions for the sports industry.

This is a move to recognise promising startups from Karnataka, including those from tier two and tier three cities.

“This is the first time the government has come up with such a category of awards. We want to encourage 20,000 startups in the next two years with at least 6,000 of them in product-related ones. Our effort is to fund up to Rs 50 lakh per startup registered with KBITS without asking for any equity. We all know that 90 percent of startups fail because of lack of mentorship, facilities, funds, or for a combination of all of these. By funding and providing support, we hope to make more of them successful,” said IT, BT and Tourism Minister Priyank Kharge while announcing the awards.

In fact, in less than three months after he took over, the number of startups registered with KBITS rose from just 27 to 2,019.

Apart from the tourism ministry which set aside Rs 2.5 crore for funding startups (it distributed Rs 1.95 crore to eight companies after a hackathon), the department of agriculture has come forward with a Rs 10.5 crore special fund and is looking for startups in the agri sector which can make a social impact.

Bugworks Research India Pvt Ltd, being awarded by IT Minister Priyank Kharge and Kris Gopalakrishnan (third from left)

For these 25 awards, the government received more than 100 nominations from across Karnataka and it was open to all and not limited to startups registered with the government. The jury, comprising different industry verticals and Deloitte India, arrived at the winners who were honoured on the final day of 2016.

These awards are being given in five categories — IT/ITES; ESDM (Electronic System Design and Manufacturing); AVGC (Animation, Visual Effects, Games and Comics); Biotechnology, Pharma and Life Sciences; and Social Inclusions.

  1. OmiX Research and Diagnostics Laboratories Private Limited is developing a platform for molecular testing of pathogens outside of laboratory settings. Their platform is currently used in the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases, food testing, and water and environmental testing.
  2. Yostra Labs Private Limited is a healthcare technology firm pioneering smart innovations to make healthcare more effective, affordable, and sustainable for the cost-sensitive developing market.
  3. (Osteo3d) df3d Creations Pvt Ltd is into design and 3D printing of medical models for surgical planning and surgical guides. They also offer cloud-based platforms for designs and software in 3D printing to enable businesses.
  4. Theramyt Novobiologics Pvt Ltd develops novel bio-betters and bio-similars, and identifies new biological entities (NBEs) to improve patient access to cost-effective, regulatory-compliant therapies. Their drug designing and platform technology aims to deliver novel therapies for disease areas such as oncology, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and metabolic disorders.
  5. Bugworks Research India Pvt Ltd, consisting of a strong inter-disciplinary team with competencies in entrepreneurship, mathematics, engineering, IT, biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, pharmacology, and medicinal chemistry, aims to discover novel biopharmaceutical assets for the treatment of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).
Personal Air Quality Systems Pvt Ltd team being presented the award by Principal Secretary for IT, BT and S&T V. Manjula (third from left)

Category: AVGC (Animation, Visual Effects, Games and Comics)

  1. Holy Cow Productions is an independent game development studio providing services in 2D & 3D art production, game programming, and game design.
  2. Digital Jalebi is a young and multidisciplinary team of interaction designers, new media artists, programmers, computer and electronics engineers. It aims at transforming spaces into more communicable and enjoyable opportunities.
  3. VedAtma Animation Studios provides solutions for design and production requirements of animation and visual effects in diverse fields of entertainment, medical, e-learning, architecture, and engineering and niche areas like finance, logistics, and social causes.
  4. Fraggingmonk Technologies Pvt Limited has put up LXG with the aim of providing users with the most powerful gaming machines in India.


Category: IT/ITES

  1. Exabit Systems Private Limited ("eXabit") is specialised in agricultural product development. They offer high-quality, on-time, and cost-efficient solutions for both pre-harvest and post-harvest agri business segments.
  2. YaraGo Software Pvt Ltd is focused in providing business solutions in enterprise mobility solutions, product engineering, and cloud computing.
  3. Stat Decision Labs is a provider for integrated data mining and mobility solutions that help organisations anticipate business opportunities, empower action, and drive impact.
  4. Aissel Technologies Pvt Ltd’s enterprise-class software solutions cater to the business intelligence needs of leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies. KOL Management Suite is their flagship product that enables customers to integrate, manage, and monitor their KOL development and management initiatives.
  5. Cooey Technologies Pvt Ltd is an end-to-end health monitoring IoT platform that intends to collect, store, analyse, and provide insights of vital signs for patients.
  6. Element42 Management Solutions Pvt Ltd provides cutting-edge technology solutions in the IoT space. The e-paper takes a leap ahead in bringing cutting-edge technology and making it usable in daily life. They are also focused on research and innovation.
  7. 5C Network (India) Pvt Ltd, with the support of the Centre for e-Governance, Government of Karnataka, worked on and implemented the TeleICU pilot for the government by connecting Tumkur District Hospital to Columbia Asia Hospital in Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru, where intensivists used the platform to support Tumkur hospitals and nurses in managing the ICU. Their efforts were rewarded when TeleICU was inaugurated by Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India.

Category: ESDM (Electronic System Design and Manufacturing)

  1. Sensesemi Technologies Pvt Ltd provides state of the art “smart engineering products” by developing a line of unique, smart products to manage chronic diseases and to maintain a healthy life.
  2. Cardiac Design Labs Pvt Ltd has introduced revolutionary MIRCaM which enables hospitals to perform advanced cardiac diagnosis including alerts and reporting on the go using mobile applications at an affordable cost using notifications on all platforms.
  3. Green Robot Machinery Private Limited aims to bring in advanced robotic technology for cotton picking. The machine under design mimics human behaviour in cotton picking. RoboMac will provide solutions through the use of technologies such as robotics, machine vision, and IoT.
  4. Evobi Automations Pvt Ltd is powered by the innovative Bibox platform working on the principles of design thinking and challenge-based learning, enabling students with creative, analytical, scientific, and design thinking methods.
  5. Personal Air Quality Systems Pvt Ltd provides context-aware IoT solutions from secured real-time monitoring wearable gadgets to individuals, smart homes, smart offices, smart cities, and community. The gadget enables customers to monitor the inhaled air quality on their smartphones and get a secured, personalised environment for their comfort and health.

Category: Social Inclusions

  1. Jayalaxmi Agrotech Pvt Ltd has developed several crop-specific mobile applications for agriculture, horticulture, and animal husbandry in English and regional languages. Their mobile applications are built to deliver information while breaking the literacy barrier. The core focus is on bringing mobility, analytics, and cloud (MAC) together into the hands of farmers.
  2. i-exist Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd has developed ‘Samwad’, an intuitive and interactive solution where the communication is two-way, adaptable, individualised, and also gives the customer control and ensures continuous financial literacy across all socioeconomic demographies.
  3. NubeSol Technologies Pvt Ltd intends to realise its vision by investing into adoption of advanced technologies in agriculture and technology.
  4. Gamatics India Pvt. Ltd. owns and operates an online platform for providing e-commerce and analytics-based solutions for sportspersons and the sports industry.