10 of the most rib-tickling reviews on Amazon and Flipkart

10 of the most rib-tickling reviews on Amazon and Flipkart

Tuesday February 28, 2017,

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Amazon and Flipkart are great places to shop. However, they are also great places to go if you are just in a mood to laugh. With the internet, people are getting a bigger platform to express their creativity. Sometimes, this creativity is in the form of jokes, memes, or just some insanely hilarious reviews and takes on different things. If ever you start wondering if wit and humour still exist, just go and check out the reviews on Amazon and Flipkart. Some of them are so funny that you can rest assured you will not be disappointed.


Check out the compilation of the 10 most hilarious Amazon and Flipkart reviews ever.

1,2, and 3. These Sennheiser headphones cost a bomb (priced at Rs 84,900) and the reviews written for this product are quite hilarious and popular:

4. A banana slicer that saved someone's marriage:

5. Yet another headphone brand so costly it brings out a person's spiritual side:

6. It is unbelievable that people can also get creative about Uranium ore:

7. The iPhone's pricing has always been a topic of debate. Here is yet another take on it:

8. Who has not made fun of Chetan Bhagat's books? But this man got technical, asked a simple question, and it was another story altogether:

9. How to Avoid Huge Ships is the name of the book. And from the looks of the reviews, it has attracted a lot of attention because who doesn't have face a 'huge ship' problem daily?

10. Although this watch is expensive, who can anyone resist a good deal?

Were these not some really hilarious reviews? The next time you need some laughter therapy, just go to Amazon or Flipkart and check out their review section.

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