The best music genres for increased concentration at work

The best music genres for increased concentration at work

Thursday February 09, 2017,

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If you're looking to relax yourself, meditate, or simply enjoy your own company, all you have to do is put on some good music. Different genres of music have varying effects, and most people have separate playlists to suit their different moods. If you're in a fun mood, fast-paced music will get your feet tapping, and if you're in a somber mood, soft music will do the trick.

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Work life today is very competitive, and the constant cacophony created owing to open cubicles and social media can get very distracting. In order to keep your calm and accomplish your daily goals, you need something that will sooth your wrecked nerves. What better than pacifying music to help you get through the week? Here's a list of the best music genres that will increase your ability to focus at work. Read on!

Classical music

This genre of music is essentially without lyrics and is therefore best to help you concentrate better at the task at hand. Who wouldn't like to work in a quiet cottage in a forest with only the sounds of nature in the background? Classical music can mentally transport you to a place of your liking while physically retaining you at your work desk. Researchers at theUniversity of Helsinki recently discovered that listening to classical music can alter gene functioning, which can lead to numerous benefits, including improved brain function.

Music that has no effect on you

If you listen to music that you really enjoy, there are chances that the music will distract you instead of helping you concentrate. On the other hand you can't even play music that you don't like because then your thoughts will only be plagued with criticism for that particular genre. In such a scenario, it is best to hear music that invokes little to no feelings within you as it will not only block out the commotion surrounding you but will also help you focus easily.

Instrumental music

If you're the kind of individual that cannot resist singing along when a song plays, music without lyrics is your best bet. This kind of music comes with a certain tempo that increases productivity and is composed to help those listening to it perform better. According to research from Cambridge Sound Management, noise in general isn't to blame when it comes to lost productivity – it's how intelligible the words are that forces us to shift focus from our work to figuring out what someone is saying. Therefore, if you're only going to shift your focus from what your colleagues are saying to what the lyrics of your song are, your concentration levels won't see a rise.

Music you love

If you've grown up performing all important tasks of your life with your favourite music playing in the background, there's no reason for you to stop now. If playing music that you enjoy doesn't distract you and doubles your concentration levels, you should continue playing it. Listening to music you love can also help you complete your tasks quicker and can help you come up with better ideas.

In order to strike a perfect work-life balance, you need to be able to complete your task list in time and go home with a happy frame of mind. Listening to the right genre of music can help you accomplish just that!

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