5 examples of email marketing done right

5 examples of email marketing done right

Saturday February 25, 2017,

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While every brand understands the importance of email marketing, very few execute it in an effective manner. Email is the most powerful way for a business to reach out to customers, whether the goal is to drive traffic or influence direct conversions. But it's only effective when done right. Here are examples of five brands that create the best marketing emails which their subscribers actually look forward to seeing in their inbox.


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While most brands go overboard in sending promotional emails to subscribers, Uber always gets it spot on. The ride-hailing app's marketing emails are always simple and pleasing in design, and informative without being too lengthy. A descriptive headline, a concise copy, and a clear call-to-action help their subscribers understand the offer and take the necessary action in the least amount of time. All additional details, which are usually assisted with icons, are broken up into single lines and are placed below the first CTA to ensure minimum distraction. Uber's emails also use the same colour palette and designs as its app and social media accounts; a tactic which helps the brand maintain consistency and relatability with its customers.


A newsletter service run by journalist and popular social media personality Dave Pell, NextDraft informs subscribers of the latest note-worthy news, mostly specific to the United States. In his daily newsletter, Pell recounts the biggest stories curated from multiple news sites in a witty and engaging language. Divided into 10 sections, each with its own social sharing options, his emails make reading the news an enjoyable task. The NextDraft is perhaps the only newsletter that has survived my many subscription-purges.


Medium is a great place to find quality content on a regular basis. With a slew of articles written by popular figures, the aforementioned Dave Pell among them, and amateur writers alike, finding interesting articles when you're short on time becomes a problem. The Medium newsletter, which sends updates from publications you follow on the site, is a fantastic solution to this problem. Following the same minimalistic design incorporated on the site, Medium's emails curate the best articles and send them directly to your inbox. By limiting the number of times such emails are sent and always ensuring relevancy to their subscribers, Medium's email marketing strategy is among the best I've ever come across.


As an email testing and analytics software, Litmus knows its way around emails; something that is clearly noticeable in its marketing emails. Litmus sends emails with no-nonsense headlines, a clear and explanatory copy, and engaging visuals that often make use of GIFs to arrest a viewer's attention. They also dedicate the majority of the email to the main offer at hand, but don't hesitate from providing additional details towards the end.


JetBlue is widely regarded as one of the best in the email marketing game and for good reason. The company realises that no matter how much a brand tries to be avoid it, subscribers will always view their emails as blatant marketing efforts; which is why JetBlue is genuine with its subscribers in the truest sense of the word. In the email given below, they acknowledge their customers' dislike for marketing emails and provide them with options to opt out of, or reduce, correspondence in an amusing and creative manner. Emails like these improves your brand's image and keeps your customers from unsubscribing from your emails.

Every brand can learn a thing or two about effective email marketing from these five examples. From which brand have you received the best marketing email? Share it with us in the comments below.