Man gets Rs 2,000 notes with 'Children Bank Of India' written

Man gets Rs 2,000 notes with 'Children Bank Of India' written

Wednesday February 22, 2017,

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A man who had gone to withdraw money at an ATM in Sangam Vihar here allegedly ended up getting four notes of Rs 2,000 with "Children Bank Of India" written on them, police said today.

Rohit Kumar, a customer care executive, had gone to withdraw cash from the State Bank of India (SBI) ATM in Sangam Vihar on February 6. He got four notes of Rs 2,000 which had "churan" label on them in place of the official watermark. The notes also had "PK" written on them in place of the RBI stamp and the top left corner had "Bharatiya Manoranjan Bank" written instead of Reserve Bank of India.

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After the victim approached the police, a Sub-Inspector was sent to the ATM to withdraw money and he also received a note that had "Children Bank Of India" written on it.

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Following this, a case of cheating was registered and investigation has been taken up, said a senior police officer. After scanning the footage from the ATM, police has managed to identify the last man who had filled cash in the machine.

Till now, there have been no other complaints. Probably, only a few notes were changed. We have to identify at which point the real notes were exchanged, the officer added.

Very recently in Muzaffarnagar, a court sentenced a man to 10 years in jail for printing and circulating fake Indian currency notes. Additional District Sessions Judge Gaurav Shrivastava held Ramesh guilty and also slapped a fine of Rs 35,000 on him while acquitted three others - Vijay Kumar, Arvind and Kasim - due to lack of evidence, according to government lawyer Inam Ilahi Tyagi. After the arrest of four persons in May 2008, police had claimed to have busted a racket involved in printing and circulation of fake currency note racket.