Things millennials look for in a company as prospective employees

Thursday February 09, 2017,

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Millennials, as we know, have different life goals from the generations before them. While money is the most common factor they share with the previous generations while hunting for a job, a neat package alone won't drive their decision while choosing a job.

Image : shutterstock

Image : shutterstock

Millennials look for jobs that best align with their needs and life goals. Their main aim is to have a smooth work life in the present that offers ample opportunities for personal growth outside the work space. While securing their future is important to them, it is not the first or even the most important thing they consider while selecting a job.

We’ve listed down a few things that millennials look for in a company as prospective employees. These include:

Work culture

Millennials like to be involved at their work place. Be it company meetings, frequent feedback, or office outings, they love to work in an environment that radiates positivity and transparency. Such activities draw millennials closer to one another, thus making the work environment easy-going and encouraging.

Work that adds value

When finalising a job, millennials evaluate the company on the basis of how the work they do adds value to society. In addition to doing work that benefits the environs outside the sleek walls of their corporate office, they also prefer to take up jobs that allow them to explore themselves.

Flexible timings

Millennials are constantly connected to their work. They don't need to be in their cubicle to get their tasks accomplished. They deliver before deadlines and are constantly looking to take up new projects, but they won't let their hunger for new work interfere with their personal life. Therefore, as long as the work is completed, don't snoop around to find out if they are getting it done at a coffee shop or their work desk.

Real work

While most millennials are just entering the workforce, don't restrict their job responsibilities to simply typing up a presentation or co-ordinating between various teams. They are eager to learn, and it is best to give them worthwhile tasks that they can accomplish under guidance.

Dependable leaders

Millennials are eager to learn the tricks of the trade and they want leaders and managers who will show them exactly how things should be done without underplaying the responsibilities that come with a certain task. They want their immediate seniors to help them grow professionally and personally and be someone whom they can trust and feel comfortable with.

Embracing failures as well as victories

Defeats form a part of the learning process and are therefore imperative to achieve great things. For this reason, millennials want to work in a company that will allow them to take risks and either reap the rewards or learn from their failures.

It is owing to the above reasons that most millennial employees are migrating from corporates to startups and vice versa in search of jobs that will align perfectly with their professional as well as personal goals.