Use these tips to ensure you keep ideating

Use these tips to ensure you keep ideating

Friday February 24, 2017,

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Some people seem to come up with thousands of ideas every now and then and some just can’t get past one or two. But the truth is no one is born with a book of ideas to inspire when needed. Everyone must have crossed a phase wherein they feel they have a good collection of ideas, ready to take on the world and then suddenly, the unexpected happens! You run out of any more.


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Here are a few tips to ensure you can always create ideas:

Jot them down

The next time you get an idea, make sure you jot them down. Often the problem isn’t that you don’t have enough ideas, it is that you don’t stock up the ideas you have while you get them. You tend to assume that you shall get back to it later. But sometimes you don’t. Keeping a pocket sized notepad and pen always helps.

At times – Stop!

When I say stop, I don’t mean to shut yourself completely from the world. Stopping means giving your mind the space it needs to let in room for more. By keeping away from a place filed with all the movement, you can pay attention to your thoughts.


If you are a blogger or a writer, it’s not all about publishing. Getting feedback and sharing your thoughts with others is important. As you communicate with others, you build a different perspective about various subjects. Reply to the comments that you get. After all, your readers or followers have made efforts to get back to you. Leverage it to the maximum.

Keep learning

If you want to generate good ideas, you need to take in good ideas as well. Knowledge never ends, and a college degree should never be the ultimate end to your learning. Keep reading and build your curiosity.

Don’t dwell on your insecurities

It’s very easy to restrict yourself from thinking further if you fear rejection. It’s just a feeling of insecurity that needs to pass. For that, one should be ready to take risks and convert them into opportunities, and somewhere down the line more ideas and thoughts will come to your doorstep magically.

Try to switch

Sometimes, it’s just when we have worked on something for so long that we end up stuck. At such times, it’s best to take a break and start off something new and different. The break will be a refreshing change. You could get back to your previous task when you think you are ready to go.

You can’t always get it right

Though it’s nice to strive for perfectionism, you should also understand that each journey is a learning process and to err is human. At first no one can ever succeed and even if you do, don’t be adamant about achieving a 100 percent every time. Let go at times but never lose your focus.

Ideas come from all sides. But implementing it is easier said than done. Just look for it everywhere and let your creative juices flow!