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How to get a job using just social media

How to get a job using just social media

Monday March 06, 2017 , 3 min Read

Most companies use social media to recruit today. This means that social media should be a large part of your job hunting strategy. By having an innate understanding of who you are and what sets you apart from the rest, you can establish your personal brand online. Once you've created and updated your social media profiles and have a website or blog to supplement these profiles, you are ready to start leveraging your talent in the market place. Through this article we'll cover how you can have a successful job search and land the right interviews by using social media alone. Read on and thank us later.


Image : shutterstock

Create consistent profiles

Most job hunters believe that only LinkedIn can help you find a job and land an interview. While LinkedIn is the most obvious choice, one cannot undermine the importance of Facebook and Twitter. Whatever the platform may be, build compelling and professional looking profiles that include your job history, varied skills, and the accolades you've won. Your profiles should be strong enough to get potential employers interested in the first few minutes itself as only then will they take time out to browse through the rest of the details.

Constantly engage

Don't just increase your activity and visibility at the time of hunting for a new job. On Facebook, ‘like’ the pages of the companies you're interested in and join the conversation about industry trends. Follow the same companies on LinkedIn and Twitter as well so that you're automatically notified about new hires and product developments. Engaging with companies can help demonstrate your expertise and value to a potential employer.

Be a resource

Most people have a ‘What's in it for me?’ kind of mentality on social media. Here's where you can stand out from the crowd. Help out people by answering questions, providing links to significant content and making introductions. This way, if you regularly reach out to people on LinkedIn and provide links to relevant articles on Facebook and Twitter, you will build your brand image on social media. Another way of doing this is to find groups where your industry members are active. Join those groups and then introduce yourself to the other members.

Hunt for the perfect job

If you've followed the above steps and you've interacted with your industry professionals across various social media platforms, you'll be automatically notified when a company is looking to recruit. Twitter feeds, Facebook pages and LinkedIn groups are a good place to commence the hunt. Network with the right people and let them see you as a qualified candidate who posts interesting articles. Even though you're behind a screen, never ask for a job outright. Drop your resume when the company is looking to hire and let destiny take its course.

The key to securing an interview with your dream company is to turn your online connections into real-life interviews. Try using the above social strategies the next time you are looking for a change of job and see the difference.