Why your business can benefit from social media

Why your business can benefit from social media

Thursday March 23, 2017,

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Irrespective of whether you run a business online or offline, social media plays a vital role in shaping your business. Gone are the days when social media was considered just a fad used by the younger generation to kill boredom. Currently, various social platforms provide insights about customers in a smooth and economical way. The communication that takes place through social media allows millions of people to network, interact, and promote businesses.

In today’s world, simply using traditional systems of advertising can’t keep anyone on the top. You need to update yourself with the benefits of social media to attract potential customers.


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Here are a few key points to note in case you are wondering about the power of social media on your business:

Global reach

If the content that you put out there works and goes viral, then there is no looking back. It will easily get a global audience. The point to be noted here is that care should be taken to keep the buzz consistent. Using social media tools is a low-cost and easy way of doing this. One must check practices such as what news should be shared and what questions should be asked.

Real-time results

Social ads such as an ad campaign on Twitter or Facebook can be run based on customer profiles. Such ads give real time results and data that can prove to be extremely insightful.

Insights about competitors

You can gain valuable information about competitors through social media, which will help you make better business decisions. Use industry keywords and names of your competitors’ products to monitor what service or content can be developed.


Sites such as LinkedIn help organisations and businesses attract talent. You get to know more about the job market and what people are looking out for. They provide a good medium to network and gain contacts as well.

Brand image development

Your presence on social media will allow you to connect with your customers on a more personal level. They will be able to find you easily which also builds customer retention and brand loyalty. You may also want to try using social media campaigns for promotions or give aways.


Often, you may not have the bandwidth to constantly be on social media or perhaps your business might not need it completely. However, logging onto social media platforms will help you know what your competitors are doing as well as you get to know what your customers feel about you.

Better search ranking

The number of shares and likes you get on social media, the more are your chances of getting a higher search ranking. Social media helps to direct the traffic to your website. Additionally, if you run a business and have a website, the comments and feedback that you receive will increase traffic to your site along with developing a bond with the customers. Once you reply to your customers, you also gain more visibility.

Clearly, social media has a lot to offer to businesses. Any brand that doesn’t leverage the power of social media to their advantage runs the risk of soon turning obsolete. If you haven’t turned to social media yet, start today!