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5 ways small businesses can build their brand identity

5 ways small businesses can build their brand identity

Saturday April 08, 2017 , 3 min Read

Building a brand identity is not restricted to big businesses alone. Companies across all sectors can build their brand identity in today's era irrespective of their size and strength. However, the major hurdles that marketers face when marketing for small organisations are lack of funds and investment issues, which hold them back from running big campaigns. Through this article, we list the five strategies that small companies can employ to get surprisingly high returns on minimal investments.

Image : shutterstock

Image : shutterstock

Identify what makes your brand unique

An entrepreneur is known to do his market research before developing a product or service so that the commodity he introduces into the market is offered as a solution to a persistent problem. While marketing, this USP needs to be highlighted in a way that it catches the attention of the target audience. Build your brand character around the core offerings of your business as this will differentiate your product from its competition in the market.

Treat your brand like it's a person

Just like we individuals have our own sets of values, beliefs, and purposes that we live our lives by, your brand too should represent a set of principles and goals that it believes in. This will help build your brand's character in the long run and make it easier for your brand to create its own unique identity. Also, when you give your brand a personality of its own, your customers will view it as more than just a lifeless commodity.

Aim to build long-lasting relations with your customers

If you want your brand to become a household name amidst your target audience, you have to offer nothing but the best to your customers. Over-selling your brand or lying about some of its functions and features will lead you to your own doom. Avoid raising the expectations of your customers only to break the promises you make to them. Instead, focus on developing long-lasting relations with your target audience and you'll attract more patrons with your honest branding.

Don't imitate what the bigwigs are doing

Carving out a distinct identity for yourself should be your ultimate goal. A lot of customers look forward to associating themselves with small brands that have their own unique look and feel. In your efforts to behave just like the big brands, you will end up losing out on the niche crowd. If your brand identity is original and authentic, you will attract a whole new range of buyers you didn't even know existed.

Don't be afraid to challenge stereotypes

We live in a world where stereotypes have become the norm. In big businesses, there are several layers of bureaucracy that need to be passed in order to release something new in the market. This is where small businesses can take advantage of their modest size. Take decisions that are bold and daring and that will set you apart from your competition. Challenging stereotypes will give a unique spin to your existing brand identity.

If you employ the right team of marketers to advertise your brand online and offline, you will be astonished at what they can do for your brand image even on a small budget. Keep the above-mentioned points in mind and you're sure to create an innovative strategy for marketing your brand.