4 morning rituals that you should develop

4 morning rituals that you should develop

Sunday April 30, 2017,

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Morning lays the foundation on which shall rest the rest of your day. From waking up to entering your cubicle, if time has been lost in a blur of rush, confusion, and lack of control, accept that the rest of your day will pass in a similar vein. Mornings, therefore, deserve more credit than we have cared to impart them in recent times. Spiritually speaking, mornings are the time that ushers in our rebirth into a new day. However, if we are not careful about our mental health in the morning, we stand to spoil our choices, decisions, and overall quality of life, one day at a time. Therefore, in order to live a life worth desiring, we need to harmonise and rebuild our strained relationship with the early hours of the day.


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Here are five rituals that you can adopt and develop in order to build a day that’s set on a really good morning:

Don’t wake up with a jerk

Waking up with a jolt means that you are upset about something that you’ve perhaps failed to complete. It could be a problem in your interpersonal relationships or maybe a project at work. It shows that you ended the previous day without bringing it to a closure. When you wake up with a jerk, you tend to carry an uneasy energy to every step you take, both physically and mentally. The day will soon begin to feel like an invisible baggage that might manifest itself as physical pain too.

When you wake up calm, you display a sense of responsibility towards yourself. It means that you really know how to set your goals for the day in honest appraisal of your skills.

Guided meditation

It’s important to steady your breathing before leaving your bed. In order to do so, you must meditate. But this is not the clenched-fist, mind-emptying type of meditation. Under guided meditation, you focus on putting your thoughts in order, which then puts your work in order and, eventually, your whole day in order too. In the morning, the mind is at its objective peak, because it has not yet been introduced to the many unnatural sights and sounds or streets and offices, and hence carries the highest potential to help you make the right choices.


Reading the favourite page of a book or highlighted passages of an inspiring biography or the newspaper, or last night’s diary entry, can be developed as a healthy ritual before going to work. Such an exercise will help in putting your brain in an inspired and spontaneous frame of mind. But reading alone is not enough. It must be accompanied by silent contemplation and a clear internal monologue. It’s like saying hello to yourself before you set out to say hello to the world.


Think of writing as proofreading your internal monologue. It helps to spring clean the mind of pending and incomplete thoughts; it works as an anchor to your past and helps you become better at expressing yourself in the now.

These are four fundamental morning rituals that can set the right tone for the rest of the day. Needless to say, you can find and build your own rituals in order to make your morning the manual for your day.