Why personal branding is a must in 2017

Why personal branding is a must in 2017

Monday May 08, 2017,

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Personal branding can't be achieved overnight. It is an active endeavour that needs time and dedication. In today's day and age, personal branding is of paramount importance to any individual looking to make a stellar career. Your branding is the message you covertly convey to the world through your name and face. It is for this reason that your brand needs to be built on engagement and authenticity instead of complacency and half-heartedness. For several entrepreneurs, building a personal brand takes a backseat as they have several tasks to accomplish on a daily basis that require their immediate attention. However, personal branding doesn't take care of itself. It is an ongoing effort that can be achieved via influencer marketing, social media, or some type of media outreach strategy. If you still need convincing to start building a personal brand, here are three reasons that will make you sit up and take notice.


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Sales is a human-to-human affair

Every salesperson must discreetly make use of the greatest tool in his arsenal. This tool is none other than the trust of his customers. This is especially true if your business earns its capital from the internet. One of the easiest ways an entrepreneur can build that trust is through personal branding. Entrepreneurs need to understand that sales is a human-to-human endeavour. Though tools such as Buffer, IFTT, and MailChimp help mechanise important sales processes, you must display your most authentic self to relate to people on a deeper level. Even though your marketing returns might not be immediate, you'll get other people to help you build your brand.

Make smart use of online media

Thanks to social networking sites, blogs, and podcasts, you don't have to sit by and hope that someone mentions your brand’s name to the media. Instead, you can take charge and make smart use of PR and online media to create a memorable brand image for yourself. A lot of companies like Red Bull and GoPro are media houses first and money-making entities later. To strengthen your personal brand, you must provide value as an effective media representative to make people remember your name.

Personal branding is a must in 2017

We live in the digital age and therefore personal branding is no more just an option; it is a necessity. The world is now far too connected for you to stay aloof and let your products do the talking. Always start by making a good first impression so that you're viewed as a uniquely valuable resource. According to Stephanie JoAnne, an online business mentor for modern-day entrepreneurs, “You need to know that everything you do, both intentionally and not, contributes to the way others are perceiving your personal brand.” Entrepreneurs need to realise that without personal branding their image stands on shaky ground.

When you invest in your brand, you not only invest in yourself but also in the employees you manage and the company you represent. It is for this reason that personal branding should be taken seriously in 2017 and the years to come.

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