Why slowing down is a better idea in today's fast-paced world

Why slowing down is a better idea in today's fast-paced world

Saturday May 13, 2017,

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The world seems to be in an unidentifiable rush to nowhere. We are constantly flitting from task to task, skipping meals, dodging deadlines, stuck in traffic, etc. In short, we are just zipping past life in a perpetually weary sort of a way, trying to catch a breath over the fleeting weekend. But the weekend has its own share of social obligations. To be left alone; to sit down quiet; to drown the noise of the clamoring world in quiet reflection is one's birthright. This dose of sanity and stillness is hard to come by in today's times.

Image : shutterstock

Image : shutterstock

Even our idea of leisure is intruded and altered by popular culture that thrives in the hands of our economic system. Anything slow has no place in this system. It takes speed, agility, and a lean and mean approach if one desires to make it big in the prevailing settings. However, drifting along this current has seldom proved effective in solving the many problems (both individual and collective) created by this great rush. Perhaps, the answer to a better world in the now and the future depends on our ability and inclination to slow down instead to picking pace and blindly whizzing past the problems humanity faces today.

Here are three reasons why you must slow down.

It's good for your health (health is wealth)

Yoga teaches us that breathing right is the key to healthy living. But the hours beyond the early morning yoga sessions test our nerves in exclusive ways every day. The more stressed we are, the less effective our breathing becomes. Consciously slowing down your physical actions like, breathing, walking, speaking, driving will help relax the body. When breathing is properly regulated, the body receives the right dose of oxygen, which not only refreshes the body but also the mind.

Slow means steady

The slower you are, the better you will see the surrounding landscape – both existential and psychological. You will be able to read people better because you would give yourself ample time to pause, pay attention, plan, and proceed, instead of rushing into people and situations without a thought or a plan. Slowing down restores the natural balance that is present inside you. It will keep you calm, composed, and confident.

Slow is firm, less confrontational, and more collaborative

Being in a rush causes unnatural, unwanted, and mindless aggression. An example of this is our roads in peak time traffic. However, if we slow down, and take stock of our goals objectively, the rush may prove to be unnecessary. The calmer we become, the better we would be able to interact with people. Rather, people would find it pleasant to interact with us. Slowing down helps gain absolute control over ourselves. We can be firm without being confrontational when we are slow. Slowing down gives us time to do a thorough research into any situation that we may find ourselves in and time to observe and learn about ourselves and the world around us.

The slower the journey, the more things we can see, observe, and learn – be it a short weekend trip, or your career journey, or the journey of your life itself.